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Avon SKIN SO SOFT Winter Soft with Hydroseal™ Hand Cream

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The most amazing line ever! You must try to believe!


Words can not adequately express how much I love the Wintersoft line. It keep my extremely dry skin smooth and silky feeling without any greasiness. I use the hand wash and hand cream all day, and haven't suffered the usual chapped knuckles winter brings me every year. I bought a tube for my mom after I felt her sandpaper hands, and hers are also well on their way to returning to smoothness.  The scent is great, hard to describe. It's very mild, pleasant, doesn't sem to clash with any fragrances I'm wearing. It's not powdery, or flowery, it's just, humble and nice.  If you suffer from dry skin (Year round even!) You must try this, you will not be disappointed. My mother and I have already stocked up for the whole year to come in case it is discontinued.  


Fresno, CA


Smells good, works good


I like the lotion and the handsoap of this particular line. I must say it works alot better than I thought it would. It seems like avon kept coming out with new stuff but nothing changed. This line is a keeper. I wish they offered it year 'round. The hand soap leaves my hands feeling smooth and lightly scented (like) and the lotion doesn't leave me with that greasy residue feeling after I have put it on. So, the price is right and it works great. What more can you ask for?


Spencerport, NY


Best Lotion I've ever used


I suffer from **EXTREMELY DRY SKIN**! No matter what I do, or how much I put lotion on, it doesn't help. I work in physician's office and am constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer, which, in all honesty, only makes my dry skin worse! But, then, I found this lotion. It is the best lotion I have found to help with my dry skin. It has a wonderful, clean smell. It feels great on your hands, and really moisturizes. I love it and recommend it to **EVERYONE**! I also happen to be an Avon Rep., which helps! The lotion is also very inexpensive. The only downfall that I have found is that Avon only offers it in the winter, hence the name Winter Soft, so I stock up on it so I have enough to last all year!


Sweetwater, TN


Avon SKIN SO SOFT Winter Soft with Hydroseal™ Hand Cream

5.0 3