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Avon SKIN SO SOFT: Soft & Relaxed Night Bath Soak

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This Soft & Relaxed Bubble Bath Leaves My Skin "Oh-So-Soft"


Showers are fine most of the time, but for me, nothing beats a fragrant, hot bubble bath when I really want to relax myself before sleep.  With that in mind, I ordered a bottle of **Skin So Soft: Soft & Relaxed Night Bath Soak** from my **Avon** representative.  Described as "the most sensual way to embrace your skin," I was curious to see whether or not it lived up to its star billing.  In the end, it didn't really wow me or my senses, but it did help prepare me for a good night's sleep. Soft & Relaxed Night Soak contains the key ingredients of lavender and "night bloom cactus flower" to impart fragrance and moisture.  I poured what I considered a typical amount of the product under running hot water, and then let the tub finish filling up.  I was a little surprised that I only ended up with a small amount of bubbles.  The description talks about the "fragrant bath foam" so I guess I was expecting to see a little more bubble action.  Still, since it's referred to as a "bath soak"  rather than a "bubble bath," I shouldn't have really been surprised. The fragrance is pleasant and calming; even subtle.  There's no strong signature fragrance that will clash with whatever soap you're using.  I hate it when a bath scent is too specific if I don't have a companion lotion to go along with it.  That's not a problem with this product.  Finally, after toweling off I noticed that my skin didn't feel the least bit dry--in fact, it was pretty soft. Overall, my opinion of **Skin So Soft: Soft & Relaxed Night Bath Soak** is that it's a good product at a really affordable price.  Even without an avalanche of bubbles, my skin felt soft and moisturized and my spirits were definitely relaxed. 

Chicagoland, IL


Avon SKIN SO SOFT: Soft & Relaxed Night Bath Soak

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