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Avon SKIN SO SOFT Original Replenishing Body Lotion

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Silky smooth.


I live in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Our winters are long and tough on our skin. I am also a Registered Nurse so my hands are constantly getting washed. This all leads to dry scratchy skin. At home I have forced hot air heat which even dries my skin out further. I bought this Avon Body Lotion from a coworker who sells Avon. I find that it works amazingly. Scent Smells clean not overbearing or unpleasant. I am allergic to a lot of lotions and scents. My skin breaks out in a rash. That has not happened with this product. Absorption The Avon Skin So Soft lotion is quickly absorbed into my skin and does not leave an oily feel to my skin. I hate having an oily and slippery feeling from lotions on my hands, but with this product I do not have this dilemma. Effectiveness My wife refers to my skin as Silky Smooth. She likes the way the Avon makes my skin. I like not being itchy from dry skin. I find this product to be highly effective and have recommended to many of my peers in the healthcare field.




Your Skin Will Be So Soft With This Lotion By Avon


Avon SKIN SO SOFT Original Replenishing Body Lotion is very good. I have tried a lot of lotions from Avon because they make such good ones. This lotion is another one I really enjoy using. I have to use a lot of lotion because I am always washing dishes. No, I am not a dishwasher. My hands feel dry immediately or within 2 minutes of removing them from water. It is very uncomfortable. This lotion softens and conditions my skin. I can feel it right away. My hands become smooth to the touch. It has jojoba oil in it. The jojoba oil might be one of the reasons why. It has botanicals and fresh herbals in it as well. My skin loves products that have ingredients that come from nature. It feels a little oily, but it does not effect how much I like this stuff. The scent is nice. It smells fresh, clean, crisp and sweet to me. This lotion might work well on damaged or sunburned skin. I think it will work great on all skin types, except for, oily and acne prone skin. Your skin will feel twice as soft, after just a few applications. The texture of this lotion is great because it is not watery. It comes in a large, pretty container with fancy writing on it. A little bit of this lotion every time you use it, will get the job done. This is mostly a body lotion, but it will work well on your hands, elbows, feet and legs. It is high in price, but it is worth it. It is not hard to find this on sale, as Avon always has great deals. If you hate dry skin, then you will like Avon SKIN SO SOFT Original Replenishing Body Lotion.


Stockton, CA


There is more than one use for this lotion!!


The Avon Skin So Soft lotion is a must have for our family. I even buy extras to give to family and friends. It is perfect for smooth skin and to keep flying insects away. Scent I really love the scent. It is not strong at all. I don't know why but the mosquitoes don't like the scent, but that is okay with me. It keeps them away:) Absorption I absorbs so quickly that you can;t even tell you have put it on. My skin is not greasy at all. I even put this on my legs and feet at night. My feet are so soft and smooth as well as my hands and legs. Effectiveness We have been using this lotion to repel mosquitos since my daughter was 1 year old. While on a campout, she was terribly bitten by mosquitoes. A neighbor in the camping area allowed me to try her avon skin so soft lotion. It worked so well, as soon as we returned home I sought to find an avon representative to buy 3 bottles: one for home, one for the diaper bag, and one to give to my mom!!




Avon Skin So Soft Original doesn't do much for my dry skin.


I really like most Avon products and dislike giving their **Skin So Soft Original Replenishing Body Lotion** a less than stellar rating, but I am always honest about my experiences with products when I write reviews, and this isn't going to be an exception to that rule. In my opinion, this body lotion is an average product...no more, no less. The first thing I noticed about the lotion was how very thin and liquid like it is. It literally flowed right out of it's bottle and poured in my hand . I was quite surprised at that and I prefer a little more thickness in my body lotions. This body lotion may be great for people who have normal to oily skin, but I would not recommend it for people with very dry skin like mine...it's not hydrating enough for me and I won't buy it. However, if you have normal to oily skin and like the Skin So Soft original fragrance, this lotion may be perfect for you. Scent The fragrance is a little too much for me. It has a light fragrance, but it still smells like Skin So Soft, and that reminds me of the spray my mother used to use, which I always thought was much too strong, so I am not very fond of the scent of Avon Skin So Soft Original Replenishing Body Lotion. Absorption This body lotion does absorb very easily and very quickly, and it is in no way greasy or oily, all of which are qualities I like a lot. I have no complaints whatsoever in how well or how quickly it absorbs into my skin. Effectiveness Avon Skin So Soft Original Replenishing Body Lotion made my skin soft and moisturized...for about two hours. After that, I needed more moisture, so I used some body butter, and that took care of the dry, tight feeling that the Skin So Soft Original Replenishing Body Lotion did not provide for me, for as long as I thought it would, or think it should. There are tons of body lotions out there that cost less and are much more effective.


Tiny Town, GA


Avon Skin so Soft Replenishing Body Lotion works well.


I received a sample of Avon Skin so Soft Original Replenishing Body Lotion. The sample was big enough to be able to decide if it worked. The bottle is 50 ml. (1.7 fl.oz.). It looks identical to the 11.8 fluid ounce size, apart from it having a screw lid, instead of a flip one. Living in Florida, my skin does get dry, even though I don't sit in the sun. I go through so many body lotions, and moisturizers. The bottle is 'plain and simple'. The body lotion is a white liquid that looked similar to milk. The smell is lavender. It is runny, but not overly. It went in easily and had a cooling feeling. When I touched my arm it wasn't greasy. I found the Avon Skin so Soft Original Replenishing Lotion hydrated my body, and was as good as any of the other brand named products I use. It states that is has: "White lily, lavender and notes of sparkling citrus create the rich woodland scent that makes ORIGINAL a classic & an AVON Customer favorite." It has shea butter, and vitamins." I have been using it on a regular basis, and my skin does feel soft, and hydrated. I am very happy with the product, and when it is on sale I will purchase it. However, I refuse to pay shipping, so will wait until I need more products, for free shipping. I don't have, and don't want an Avon Lady knocking on my door. Scent Lavender. Absorption Goes in really well. Effectiveness Hydrates my skin, and leaves it feeling soft, and smooth.


New Port Richey, FL


Sticky Feeling


I first tried this lotion out, because a friend of mine was selling Avon. And at the time I needed a new bottle of lotion my lotion was running low. So I purchased this and I was horrified as this stuff doesn't work for me. It smelled awful and left my hands sticky. I had to return the item as I was not satisfied at all.


Orlando, FL


An appealing product!


I am a loyal and regular Avon customer (along with my mother) so we are always looking for a new product. Skin so soft has always been reliable so we decided to try this product after it was recommended by a few family friends.This is great for a bug repellent and it has a wonderful smell. Much better than any off or cutter brand scents. Along with the smell, it is fantastic at conditioning your skin... which is well needed in the summer time. I like to use this product year round thanks to the wonderful smell and benefits to the skin that it contains. I would recommend this product to anyone who has to deal with pesky bugs and bites because this will help prevent most if not all bug bites ... along with conditioning your skin and who doesn't need that afterall? I know I often forget to condition my skin on those nights... but the bug spray is something I just can't go without so.. you might as well kill two birds with one stone and purchase this.


Saint Charles, MO


I love any of the skin so soft creations.


My family and I have been using Skin So Soft products for years. I have always loved the scent and the way it makes my skin feel. This must be why it is called skin so soft because it really does make your skin feel soft and smooth. I recently was at a yard sale and low and behold there was an almost full bottle of skin so soft lotion. Avon is the best place I've found this at so I was surprised to see it at a yard sale for only fifty cents! Naturally I grabbed it. I had used the skin so soft bath oil in my bath but I had never used the lotion. I knew it would be good or at least smell good. It works great. Skin so soft also has something in it to repel bugs. This is great because mosquitos are out right now. It's summer so I want my skin soft and no bug bites. I've been using this lotion when I go outdoors and have noticed it does repel insects. If I forget to use it I notice bug bites especially on my neck. It's like I have a two in one body product. The lotion keeps my skin soft and keeps me safe from bugs.


Sutherlin, OR


Avon body lotion hydrates without an oily feeling


Avon body lotion is a must have in my house.  My skin is constantly dry and itchy, but with avon's lotion, it relieves the itch and the dryness.  Avon has great scent which keeps me smelling fresh.  It helps unblock pores as well as cleanse them.  It also speeds up the exfoliation process.  It allows new healthy skin cells to emerge.  It reduces discoloration and age spots.  It is also quick absorbing which is very convenient because I am always busy.  It has long-lasting emollience, which keeps my skin hold the moisture.  I don't have much time for myself to be putting lotion on my entire body, so it is very helpfull to know that avon lotion keeps my skin moisturized.  It is also nice that avon has an option for irritated skin because my skin gets very irritated especially with different kinds of lotion.  It is very luxurious and help do the job that it is supposed to do, which is moisturize my skin without irritating it. 


Rolling Meadows, IL


Sensuous and aluring all over skin softener


Avon Skin So Soft Replenishing Body Lotion original fragrance is a must have in my daily routine! I have enjoyed using this product for many years and continue to do so now. What I enjoy most is how it nourishes my dry skin in the winter time especially when my skin is completely dried out. I use it immediately after my shower. I towel dry, actually I pat dry only and then rub the lotion all over and allow it to completely penetrate the skin. It leaves my body feeling silky smooth, refreshingly clean with a very sensual smell that is not over powering or over bearing. What I like most about this Skin So Soft product is that it does not make me feel greasy because it is immediately absorbed, and leaves my skin feeling smooth to the touch. Skin So Soft is very reasonably priced as well. But the best part is you can order it from a representative or go on line and place your own order with Avon.


Virginia Beach, VA


Avon SKIN SO SOFT Original Replenishing Body Lotion

4.0 14