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Avon Re-Fine Stretch Mark Smoother

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I don't care if it's my imagination -- they look better!


I'm short, so when I was pregnant with my son, my belly had nowhere to go but straight out.  Naturally, I got some wicked stretch marks that even my OB-Gyn was surprised to see.  None of the stretch mark prevention creams that I used regularly during my pregnancy did any good. I bought this product a few months after giving birth.  Since it's inexpensive, I was skeptical, but wanted to give it a try anyway.  I do not care if it's my imagination or if my eyes are playing tricks on me, or if my mirror is defective, but after I use this, the appearance of my stretch marks is greatly reduced.  Maybe the product is improving my skin quality, or maybe it's all a big optical illusion, but as long as I feel better about myself, I really don't care how it works. It also has a nice fragrance that isn't too strong or medicinal.  It's also really easy to use -- just once a day -- which fits my busy mommy schedule perfectly.

Trabuco Canyon, CA


Avon Re-Fine Stretch Mark Smoother

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