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Avon Rare Pearls Fragrance

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Avon Rare pearls


Please bring it back! Nothing compares to Rare Pearls for me.


Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Strong scent that lasts!


I love Rare Pearls by Avon. They scent is very strong and lasts all day long. I only have to spray a few squirts on me and I smell great all day. I would definitely recommend this perfume for older woman. The scent is too strong for a younger lady. Also, the price is very affordable.






When I first purchased the Avon Rare Pearls Fragrance, I was just trying out new perfume. I thought it would be decent, but in reality it was stunning. The scent is amazing. The bottles are very big, but the price is still reasonable. The scent also lasts forever.




A very pleasant smell that lingers without being overpowering


I never used to wear a perfume, but I started using Rare Pearls and I now wear it everyday. One of the things I love about it; it's light enough to be worn during the day and yet deep enough to also be worn for an evening scent. It has a sweet, sensual aroma but it's not overpowering, even right after applying.


New Philadelphia, OH


Pearls for Avon Rare Pearls


Mothers Day 2011, I received Rare Pearls Colgone by Avon. I had never used this product and at first was a little reluctant. I usually try to stay away from colgone because many people in my family are sensitive to certain odors. I needed something special for church one morning and quickly grapped for the bottle. I must admit that I fell in love with the fresh scent. It wasn't too perfumely. It was noticable yet slightly. I got a few compliments and decided to give some away as gifts. It was awesome because I gave 5 sets to girls for their graduation. I made them baskets and included a set of pearl necklaces with earrings. I also researched how pearls were made and gave it to the girls also. I will probably keep giving this colgone away as gifts int he future. I would recommend this to everyone who would love to wear something yet have to be mindful of people around them who may have allergies or sinus problems and can't stand those "loud" scents. Pick up a bottle for that special someone.


Missouri City, TX


smells expensive


I received this fragrance in a set a few years ago and used the whole set, then went on-line and bought two more bottles of spray cologne!! I liked it so much I ordered some for my mom, and SHE loved it. I have been giving it as gifts and everybody likes it. I NEVER wear Avon, but this fragrance is different. It smells like a designer fragrance and when i tell people what it is , they never believe me. I continue to give it as gifts, letting others try mine first and they all love it. It has a musky, floral scent, which usually is overpowering to me, but for some reason, this product fits my chemistry!


Bay City, MI


It smells kind of bad


I really can't understand all the good reviews here, perhaps most of these women are older? I'm young, 18, and this perfume just smelled like an old woman, it was overpowering and kind of funky. I love the bottle it's cute, but the scent is just weird. I have a lot of perfumes from Avon, and to be honest a lot of them smell pretty gross, i would say this is one of the 3 worst perfumes i have. Now, if you like a older person smell, like your grandmas house, maybe this fragrance is for you. I myself got this as a gift from my boyfriends grandma, so that kind of tells you what kind of taste it is. If you are a young girl or guy, i would try to stay away from avon until you are in perhaps your thirties, then the scent might fit you better, sometimes perfumes don't  mix well with the chemicals in a certain persons skin, and it may be due to age, so of course it could be me that makes the smell gross.


Ontario, CA


Rare Pearls is amazing!


This is really a great perfume. It smells good and lasts. I would reccommend it for more of the ages 40 and up. Sure it smells good, but i think its for more mature ages, because of how it smells. Most younger people like the flirty scents. Rare Pearls is a scent that makes you think classy and mature. I think this because most people that wear pearls are older because it says classy and elegant. I think they named it this because not many people wear pearls anymore, so it is rare and that is just like this scent. An example, my grandmother wore this perfume. This is why I think it appeals to more older crowd. Especially in today's time, the younger crowd doesn't want to be elegant and classy, they want flirty. This would make a great gift to someone. There are also usually great deals on this product. Usually in the avon book you can get two for a certain price or you could even get a set for a certain price. Like a said this is a great product, but for the older crowd.


Liberty, KY


rare pearls fragrance a must have


i have been a fan of avon products for many years. i as a kid started collecting the little perfume and cologne fille animals. and then as i grew a little older and got my first job, it helped that a very good friend of mines mother was an avon salesperson. i must say that when i got my first job at least half of my paychecks for the first 6 months went to my friends mother for payment of my avon orders. i first came upon this fragrance when a few years ago i was visiting my mother and she was also a fan of avon products, had this beautiful perarly looking bottle sitting on her bureau,. after showereing and dressing that particular day i was brushing my hair in her mirror and applying my makeup when i realized i forgot my favorite fragrance at home when i left for traveling. so curiously i took the lid off of the bottle and the scent was amazing. i asked my mother if hse minded if i used her perfume and she said no that she very rarely used fragrances any more and told me i could have it if i wanted it. i without a hesitation said i would take it. i have gotten more compliments on theis perfume, and it stays with you and you dont have to use a lot of it. i a m a person who gets badheadaches from perfumes that are to strong but never from this one. a definate must have or must try if u are looking for a new scent!! you will love it!


Philadelphia, PA


Avon Rare Pearls is great.


I tried this for the first time a few years ago and loved it immediately. It is not too strong and it did not fade away quickly like some fragrances do. It is definitely great for those special occaisions. Several people complimented me on the fragrance, asking what it was. I would definitely recommend it to others. I also feel that the bottle that it comes in is beautiful, too. That is certainly a plus, as well.


Bensalem, PA


Avon Rare Pearls Fragrance

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