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Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Hand & Cuticle Creme

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I love this stuff


I love Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Hand & Cuticle Cream. The tube stays in my purse at all times, even though I am running so low that I have to use some serious muscle to squeeze it out. I am definitely going to order more. The good thing about Avon is that they are often running sales so you can get it for pretty cheap. During their last sale, I bought about all of the Avon Planet spa products for a great price (I don't recall what it was, only that everything was like half off). This lotion is really moisturizing and leaves my hands and cuticles feeling great. They feel soft and they look soft. The smell is pretty nice, in my opinion the smell of the Hand and Cuticle Cream is better than the body lotion. The body lotion has a heavier, slightly more chemical smell. This hand lotion is really good for the winter months because it is a little thicker than most. I especially love it because I am an avid hand washer, which is hard on my hands during the winter, but this lotion more than replenishes the moisture lost.

Matthews, NC


Avon's African Shea Butter Cream Is Good For Dry Hands


I received Avon's Planet Spa African Shea Butter Hand & Cuticle Creme for a gift and decided to give it a try as I have a big problem with dry skin on my hands, especially in the winter. The cream worked very well for softening my hands and helping heal the dry spots I had. I did think the smell of it was a little strong (especially since I had to put it on pretty thick for my dry hands). It did seem to make my cuticles softer which was a definite plus. I haven't tried a lot of the Avon products, but I thought this one was very nice overall. My only real problem with this product was that it doesn't last very long. The bottle is super small. Also when I looked at purchasing more after my first bottle ran out, it seemed to be a little pricey. I would say this is a nice little cream, but if you need to use it frequently because you have very dry skin or wash your hands a lot this might not be the cream for you.

Grand Rapids, MI


Love it - soaks in quickly and doesnt feel greasy.


I love this - I work in a mail room and my fingernails are a mess.  I don't use lotions on my hands a lot because I don't like them feeling greasy, but this soaks in really well, has a nice scent and keeps my hangnails under control.  Because I work with a lot of paper, my hands get extremely dry and cracked and this definitely helps keep the dryness under control without feeling greasy.

West Sacramento, CA


What moves you


Your personal Avon Sales Representaitve here signing in once again on the next product up for review.  This product is the self-proclaimed Avon: Planet Spa African Shea Butter Hand & Cuticle Crme.  This product description says the the product improves skin texture for more youthful hands and for healthier looking nails.  The product also strengthens and beuatifies nails while helping protect them from damage.  I absolutely fall in love with well maintained nails.  Polished are unpolished I don't have a preference but there is nothing more glamorous and attractive than a woman or man with well manicured and maintained nails.  The product is obviously an age defying cream that is geared toward a youthful appearance while obviously highlighting the beauty of nails as one of the most electrifying attributes.  This product is obviously a best buy and can be used by both men and women who want to maintain healthier nails and prevent them from damage to the nial folicules.  I highly recommend this product as one of the best products to try because it is well worth the money.

Atlanta, GA


Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Hand & Cuticle Creme

4.5 4