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Avon Naturals Refreshing Peach Body Spray

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Avon Naturals Refreshing Peach Body Spray


I have been selling Avon products now for 14 years. Never have I used a body spray that makes me so happy. The fruit, cucumber, and floral scents make a person feel as if they are eating or smelling fresh fruit. The smell is so real and fruity that when I spray only a few sprays that the smell lingers in the air. I love to even use it as a feminine spray. Not directly on the vaginal area but on the outside of my pants. The sprays come in an 8.4 fl. oz. bottle and sales for 9.00 each. They are often found on sale two for 6.99. The scent last for awhile and only a little has to be used. If a person loves using natural product, they will love the fact that hey are naturally scented and flavored. The pretty color of peach makes a person feel as sweet as a peach. The shower gels and lotions can be purchased in the same scent to create a full set to enjoy. The colorful fruity pictures on each bottle makes me feel as if I am experiencing a burst of flavorable scent in each bottle.



Avon Naturals Peach Body spray dont last .


I fell in love with the smell of Avon Natural Refreshing Peach Body spray based on a scratch and sniff page in a Avon catalog.I ordered a bottle off of my Avon representitive.i also ordered some body lotion and the shower gel in the matching peach scent.when my order came in I didnt use it right away .I waited until the next day when I could use the shower gel in the shower.All the stuff I ordered smell sooo good. The body spray comes out in a good size mist.I misted alot of it on because I could tell right away that it was very watered down.I did smell good and it was nice for the whole hour this scent lasted.This spray is not expensive and it does smell wonderful but I will not buy it again.This spray is very short lived.I could spray a ton of it on and it still fails to be overpowering thats how weak it is.I wish this scent would last any reasonable amount of time.I will not buy this again unless Avon makes this scent a little stronger and a lot longer lasting.

Dayton, OH


Avon Naturals Refreshing Peach Body Spray has a wonderful scent!


Avon Naturals Refreshing Peach Body Spray is a wonderful scent for any age.  I use to sell Avon and there was always great deals on all the Naturals body sprays so I decided to give in and get one.  I have the peach scent and I love it.  Its very light and the smell lasts for a long time as well as you can reaply it several times during the day and it does not have an over powering scent.  I use all the scents but my most favorite is the peach and when you use it you smell good and not like a fruit salad.  I have a 10 year old and a 7 year old cousin and they love the Avon Naturals Refreshing Peach Body Spray.  I like that it is light enough for younger girls yet heavy enough to keep adults smelling good all day long.  With all the sales that Avon has the one thing that I have noticed was that the Naturals body sprays go on sale quite frequently and are marked at an outstanding buy.  I would recomend this body spray to any women and daughter. 

Phoenix, AZ


Great and lasting scent


The sent of Avon Naturals Body Spray is truly one of my favorites.  It is a great scent that just stays on your body without putting a lot of spray on.  It is a very pleasant smelling scent as with all the Avon natural scents.  The price of this item is very reasonable and you getting plenty for your buck.  I usually purchase one bottom every six to eight months.  I just love the softness it gives to your body.  It does not become over barring if you use a lot.  The scent gives you a freshness to your body.  In the summer it makes you feel like you are wearing nothins as do some perfumes which have a very heavy and harsh smell to them.  I would recommend this item to anyone who likes to smell fresh and like a very sweet and fruity smelling scent.  It is a very refreshing scent.  Does not irritate your skin.  Stays on for a long period of time without having to put it on again and again.  The price is fantastic.  I give this item a thumbs up.

Paxinos, PA


This body spray is just as good as Bath and Body Works.


I like that this spritz is very light and not super heavy. It smells like peaches for sure, and is very similar to Bath and Body Works peach spray. It is a pinkish hue, and at first glance, looks a lot like the Bath and Body works spray. Upon closer examination, it's a little darker in hue. I usually use this when I'm going to work in the morning, and it will typically fade throughout the day. One or two spritzes will usually last from around seven in the morning til about noon. I would recommend using a little more than one or two spritzes if you want it to last longer. The one thing that differs from the Bath and Body works peach spray is that the Avon Naturals scent is a little less sweet. The spray that I bought came with a free lotion that can be used with or without the spray. Overall, I recommend this spray to someone who likes the B and B spray, but doesn't want to spend as much cash.

El Paso, TX


Avon Naturals Refreshing Peach Body Spray

4.2 5