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Avon Naturals Cucumber Melon Refreshing Shower Gel

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A terrible shower gel!


I received this shower gel as a free gift with my Avon purchase and when I got it, I was a little excited. I love the Cucumber Melon scent and I had always wanted to try Avon's shower gel. I used this gel the first night I received it with my order. I could tell from the beginning that the scent was not very good. It did not really bring thoughts of cucumbers or melons to my mind. It is not a strong scent and I had already started using so I decided to finish out my shower with it. Unfortunately, I noticed as I was drying off that my skin felt very tight and after all of my skin had completely dried out, I noticed that it had a layer of dry skin that caused my skin to look even whiter than usual. It took me several days of using strong lotion to moisturize my skin. I did not finish out using this product and I ended up throwing it away. I would not recommend this product to anyone and I will not be using Avon's shower gels again.



A fantastic package for a wonderful product.


When Avon has their body washes on sale in their easy-to-hang packaged bottles, they are worth the money. I would never pay full price for them due to the amount/price ratio, but on sale makes them all the worth while. The scent leaves the bathroom smelling just like you, makes you love sitting under the shower with a scrubby foamed up with the soap, and you will actually feel relaxed if you have the time and not rushing. If you add the body spray or the lotion, you are able to smell the cucumber-melon scent for a longer period of time. My daughter loves this one as much as I do; we fight over who gets this one when an order comes in with a variety of scents! Effectiveness The effectiveness of the soap, I believe, does leave you feeling clean. Cucumber-melon has a refreshingly clean scent as it is, along with a relaxing, almost tranquil mood associated with the scent. Being able to wash yourself with Cucumber-Melon body wash from Avon is really a great to either begin you day or end it. Scent As I stated before, if you have the body spray or the lotion to tie in with it, the scent will follow you much longer. I wish the scent of the soap alone would be able to stick to my skin longer. The bathroom smells wonderful for about 30 minutes after the door is opened, though! It's actually really nice.



This avon shower gel gave me a rash!


This Avon naturals cucumber melon shower gel may look harmless, in fact even enjoyable to use, but watch out --it may cause an allergic reaction! It smells pretty good, but that's about the only thing I enjoyed about this product. I used it just a couple times, and on the 2nd day of using it, I started getting this horrible, welty rash on my skin. It started on my arms but quickly spread to my neck and legs. I didn't know what caused it, and when I woke up the next morning, it was almost gone, so I didn't even think it was this shower gel. So I used it again...big mistake! It started rashing up again, and even on my face...I looked completely awful. When I figured out it must be the shower gel, I stopped using it and I never got the rash again. I'm not normally allergic to ANYTHING so this was a bit of a shock. I know other people who have used this and been just fine, but just as a warning, be careful! I would not recommend using this product.

Hales Corners, WI


Restoring Shower Gel? It's Green Gunk in a bottle


I went on a weekend trip to Reno and my wife packed my bag with my personal stuff and stuck this bottle in there just because it was soap and of course I needed it along on my trip. Well my experience with this is leaves film on my skin and left my neck so dingy that as I dried that I seen the dirt being clumped on my towel. This shower gel is nowhere near as refreshing as it claimed, but just left me feeling more dirty than I was and it just made the issue worse. I've used other soaps from AVON but this just sucks. The gel is thick and it's runny and falls from towels and loofahs easily I dont like how when I go to clean my neck and arms that it felt dry and irritated. I get out and I see that my skin is just irritated and yet I smell like a fruit with elmer's glue applied to me. I wasnt having it. I never wanna see this junk my bathroom again, it may be great for some but not for me. 6 bucks for this ****, I dont understand it. It claims to be natural but I dont smell the natrual scents it claims to have as far as cucumber and melon and the other fruit extracts. I'll just stick with Bath and Body works.

Sunnyvale, CA


Avon Naturals Cucumber Melon Refreshing Shower Gel

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