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Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Shower Gel 5 Fl Oz

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Couldn't decide if I wanted to eat it or wash with it-LOVE Avon!


I simply adore a luxurious long lingering bubbly bath. But....since I never have time for that, I will settle for a shower with this Avon shower gel! This smells seriously good. I mean, seriously. It smells so good, it is tempting to eat it! I am a tremendous fan of the Avon shower gels, and get most of the varieties of it. Like many others have mentioned, sensitive skin can be a problem, and I have tried more soaps than I care to count. The majority give me a rash or breakouts, or leave a "filmy" feel on my skin. I can always depend on the Avon gels to not do either. They lather up nicely (I do recommend using a pouf though), and smell great! If you use a washcloth they might not be so good--the gel just kind of absorbs into it and gets diluted. I never feel slimy like I'm never going to get rinsed off, and I always feel clean and smooth. Somehow they have the right balance of moisturerizer and soap. I have never had one give me any skin problems which is a real rarity. The only minus to this product is the price and a cap that can break or leak on some batches. For the best price wait until they are on sale, which is often then it is a great deal!

Stella, MO


Smells great, makes skin soft.


This smells really good, and cleans really well.  You have to use quite a bit to get good lather though.  And, a tip for ladies, especially if you have very sensitive skin like me, you probably should use a different soap *"down there"* this one made me itch for like a week after using it.

Camden, NJ


Avon Naturals Banana & Coconut Shower Gel 5 Fl Oz

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