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Base and Top Coat
Avon Nail Experts Tough Enough Base/Top Coat

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Great long-lasting product!!


I purchased this base/top coat several years ago and I use it for many things besides my nails.  My favorite way to use this product is to stop a run in my stockings.  It does; every time.  I can even wash my stockings afterwards and the run does not continue.  This product has not turned gunky or stringy as some products do. It performs just as it did the first time I opened the container.  Avon has a wonderful line of nail products and they are extremely economical.  I appreciate that Avon caters to the consumer.  They seem to know what we want and it is produced.  Years ago, I sold Avon and I have relatives that have sold it as well.  There is a reason Avon remains in business and I believe it is directly related to the fact that they care about the consumer's needs and wants.  I highly recommend not only this Avon base/top coat but the Avon line as well.  I am a fan and will be for many years to come. 

SmallTown, TX


Avon Nail Experts Tough Enough Base/Top Coat

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