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Avon NAIL EXPERTS Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray 005-992

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I Makes Nice Nails POSSIBLE


Life is busy! Between a career, raising a six year old, volunteer work and so on I have little time for my nails. yet I have always taken care of them and kept them manicured! This product makes nicer nails possible. I can now do two colors and fancier manicures because I do not need to dry them for an hour! Thanks AVON

Beverly Hills, CA


Avon Liquid Freeze is great for impatient people!


I admit. I'm impatient. I hate waiting for my nails to dry and I often smudge them in the meantime. Luckily, I found Avon Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray a few years ago. For a low price, it helps my nails to dry almost instantly and moistures my surrounding skin. It is easy to apply and a little goes a long way. The key of this spray is to spray it about a foot away from the nails. It is still effective and then you don't use as much. As with most Avon products, the price is fantastic. Unfortunately, I have not seen it being sold on Avon.com for a while now so I'm not sure if it was discontinued, but I will ask my local representative. Luckily, I've bought enough to last me for years to come! I guess the biggest drawback of this product is that it can be a bit greasy if you spray too much, but nothing that washing your hands off will not solve. So if you're impatient like me and hate waiting for your nails to dry then Avon Liquid Freeze Nail Spray is perfect for you!

Webster, PA


Avon Liquid Freeze Makes Nail-Painting Possible!


The only thing that makes painting my nails even possible these days is the Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray. I actually picked some up at an Avon closeout sale at my neighbor's house a couple of weeks ago, not sure if I would really use it, but not being able to pass up a great deal. It turns out that was just the push I needed to start painting my nails again. It is very easy to use. You quite literally just spray it on your nails when you are done painting them. You can't go fold laundry immediately or anything like that, but this product prevents smearing and other annoying imperfections in your painted nails. It helps your nails dry right away without scratches or smears. It also has a very pleasant smell. Every woman should have a bottle of this! If there is a downside, I would say that the only one is that the solution gets a lttle greasy if you get too much on or if it gets all over your fingers, but it washes off.

Oregon, IL


The Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray works!


The Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Dry Spray is a necessity for me now when I paint my nails. I first got this about a year ago, and now I make sure I always have some. Its so simple, I just paint my nails and after the topcoat I wait about a minute and then spray two sprays of this Quick Dry Spray on each hand. And they are good and dry in a minute. I like how I dont have to wait 20 minutes to an hour to actually start touching things and moving around without being scared that Im going to mess up my nail polish. This Quick Dry Spray solves all those problems. It also lasts a long time, since you dont need much each time you use it lasts a while. Also it isnt expensive at all, I got it on sale through Avon. I would definately recommend this too someone that would like to paint their nails and go on with their day without waiting and waiting for yours nails to dry. Its a must have for me and I have told all my friends.

Oakland, CA


Avon Nail Experts Is No Expert


I purchased this product about a month ago. I was a little sketical about it and my intuition was correct. This product did not work at all for me. I polished my nails and used the spray. It messed up my freshly polished nails even though I held the bottle the correct distance from my nails. So I thought maybe it did that becuase that was the very first squirt. I tried it on another nail and the same thing happened. I guess I was expecting much better results given the trusted name "Avon". I was disappointed in this product.

Memphis, TN


The name says it all


Who wants to sit around waiting for their nails to dry? Avon's NAIL EXPERTS Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray is the answer to your prayers. All you need is a quick spritz on your nails and your ready to go. It is fast drying and does not ruin your polish.

Wauconda, IL


Love It


I would never paint my nails without this product. Waiting for nails to dry is time consuming and a pain. Using this product makes it so much easier and your nails dry quick. It is a miracle in a spray bottle. It really works.

Grove City, OH


Avon NAIL EXPERTS Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray 005-992

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