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Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Moisturizer

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Avon Moisture Therapy indulges the lips


I find that the avon product does just what it says.It helps those cracked lips disappear.I have found also the Avon moisture Therapy in a jar the cream.Really works for the ashy skin.During the summer months the kid's skin needs that extra moisturizing that we also need in the winter.This soaks right into the skin.

Bakersfield, CA


Works for ME!


I have found this product to work like any other lip product.  If you lick your lips frequently, you will be slowly removing the product from your lips!  Same goes for any lipsticks, unless they are the more permanent kind.  I think the waxy type lip product might stay on longer than any vaseline type of lip product, but you will like how soft your lips will feel after continued use.  PLUS, it has a sun screen.

Apollo, PA


Feels No Different Than Vaseline


If someone tested me to see if I could tell the difference between a dab of **Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Moisturizer** and a glob of petroleum jelly (Vaseline), I'm sure I would flunk the test.  I suppose the fact that this Avon lip treatment contains SPF protection makes it preferable to using petroleum jelly, but in terms of consistency and hydration, both products feel exactly the same to me. Instead of a solid lip balm, Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Moisturizer comes in a squeezable tube.  The product is more like an ointment than the typical balm that comes in a twist-and-turn tube.  On the plus side, Avon Moisture Therapy doesn't irritate, is unflavored, and applies evenly and quickly.  You can use either use your fingertip or the rounded tip to apply the moisturizer. It's just a matter of your personal preference. However, on the negative side of my experience I noticed that immediately after using the lip moisturizer, my lips felt coated but not particularly moisturized.  A couple of hours later, the moisturizer had absorbed fully but my lips never really felt hydrated like they do with other lip balms. I found myself having to reapply more often to get comparable results. I don't think this is a product I would purchase again.  Avon has another product called [Intensive Moisture Therapy Lip Balm][1] that is a much better lip treatment, in my opinion.  I'll definitely be using that version from now on. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Avon-MOISTURE-THERAPY-Intensive-Moisturizing-Lip-Treatment-Balm-SPF-15-review-69e34

Chicagoland, IL


Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Moisturizer is a disappointment.


It is well-known by my family and friends that I am addicted to lip balm.  They like to take bets on how many tubes/pots of it are in my purse at any given time, but at the same time they are always giving me new and different products to try.  I received my tube of *Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Moisturizer* from my mother during her last visit to my house. This *Lip Moisturizer* is sold in a .5 fluid ounce tube.  This is a hydrating product that contains ingredients including octinoxate, oxybenzone, rice bran oil, paraffin, orange roughy (a fish) oil, squalene, soybean oil, and lanolin.  It also has an SPF of 15 which is always helpful when you are spending a lot of time outside during the summer.  This tube has a very tiny little opening which makes it a bit of a challenge to apply a decent layer of *Avon Moisture Therapy* to my mouth.  It doesn't make much of a difference, though, because this stuff wears away almost immediately and the tube is simply too annoying to bother with reapplication.  I do like the fact that there are no menthol or mint components which can sometimes irritate my lips when they are dry or I am really stressed out.  The SPF would be a nice little bonus, but this stuff simply doesn't last long enough on the mouth to make much of a difference.  Overall, I think that *Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Moisturizer* is a disappointment.  I'd like to see it slightly thicker, in a better tube, and lasting longer on mouth.  I won't be buying this lip balm in the future.  Not recommended!

New Jersey, NJ


Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Moisturizer

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