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Avon MistakeProof Mascara

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It's just ok, nothing to brag about


Ok ladies, you might think I am crazy for knocking my own products, but here goes..... I wasn't impressed with the Mistake proof mascara. It claims to clean up any messes you might make. It includes a small spongy thing on the opposite end of the mascara wand to remove any accidents. The mascara itself is fine (nothing to brag about) but the wand does nothing more than smear the mascara around. It doesn't completely remove the boo boo.  I prefer and would suggest you try Avon's other mascaras. 

Wichita Falls, TX


Avon MistakeProof Mascara black 026-477


First of all let me state that I am an AVON ind. sales rep, however, I am not going to let this interfere with my review of this product. I was not impressed with this mascara at all. The mascara portion of this product was nothing above an average mascara. The mistake-proof end of the product was a sponge with an oil like substance that in my opinion smeared the mistake instead of removing the mistake. You have to use a tissue to remove the mistake as well as the oily residue left from the mistake-proof product. When my customers ask my opinion about this product I refer them to the other mascaras that AVON has to offer because I know the majority of the time I know I'm going to end up with the product being returned by an unsatisfied costumer.

Tulsa, OK


Avon's Mistake Proof Mascara is the BEST I've ever used!!!


I LOVE THIS MASCARA!!! It goes on beautifully, doesn't clump, fits great in my hand (I have "chunky" hands), I hardly ever have to use the corrector side because the wand is exactly what I need it to be to work with my eyes. The way I see it, just like our bodies are different shapes and sizes from other women, mascara manufacturers need to take that same consideration in mind with our eyes. Not every mascara will "fit" every woman's eyes. Avon figured that out a long time ago. I've tried EVERY single one of their mascaras and they are all different when it comes to length, curve or straight brush, etc. I am so glad I found my perfect fit in this one. As for the price, if you are a regular Avon customer, then you know that they come out with some really great deals. That is what I watch for and make sure to stock up. The only "con" I would be that it stings a little when I get teary-eyed. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

Riverside, IL


It really is mistake proof!


If you have tried a bazlllion different mascaras like every woman that I know has, look and try no further.  Not only is this mascara highly affordable it works.  I love AVON and all of their products.  They are all very high quality for a low price.  Who doesn't love that?  I do not work for AVON, but I do highly recommend their products.  This mascara is NOT clumpy at all.  That is a major issue that I usually have with many mascaras.  They seem to clump and make more of a mess than a beauty statement.  This truly is mistake proof, too.  If you are a busy mom and always in a hurry - applying your makeup on the go (never while driving though I hope!)  this is the mascara for you.  It is easy and safe.  I also wear contacts.  Sometimes I have had mascaras that are irritative to my eyes especially after a long or dry day.  I have not had issues with this mascara.  It has gone on smoothly and easily and not given me problems with irritation.  I recommend it for sure! 

Syracuse, UT


This mascara helps take one worry out of my day.


When I first got the product, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure whether a mascara could magically erase itself when I spent ten minutes trying to get the smear of mascara of my cheek. But it works! It took only a few seconds for the mark to disappear and I was on my way. This product really works! It looks good and I don't have to worry any more about accidents and smears. It's almost easy to store because it's the size of a regular mascara tube. This is the only way to go for mascara, in my opinion.

Ladysmith, WI


Great for Sensitive Eyes!!


I have sensitive eyes. I have tried so many different brands of mascara. Including the department brands!! After becoming an Avon Rep. I have tried only a couple of the mascaras. I found that the Mistake Proof has has really proved its worth !!! Every type of mascara i have tried made my eyes itchy! I also tend to lose lashes easily. So I stopped all the mascara wearing. Mistake Proof mascara does not make my eyes itchy or watery. It does not cause my lashes to fall out and it is inexpensive! It also doe not have a foul smell. They are always on sale.   It also does not clump or crumble. Does not make a mess. It only comes wash off there is no water-proof. But, it does have a "boo-boo" gel attatched to it! If it gets on your lid or cheek, just rub a little dab of it and you don't even feel it! It dries up. It doesnt smell either. It is silky too! I recommend Mistake Proof mascara for everyone who has sensitive eyes! You can order from my website at  

Tracy, CA


Avon MistakeProof Mascara

4.2 6