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Avon Mesmerize

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esmerize by Avon Cologne smells great


I purchased 4 bottles of this Avon Mesmerize Cologne for gifts, & I must say the men I gave them to love this smell & so do their wives.   I love a man who has a great scent on.  This is one of best I have ran across for the value.  Doesn't take much to last all day. 


West Frankfort, IL


The smell does mesmerize you


I am a big buyer of Avon. I had bought this cologne for my husband for I had smelled the sample. It smelled way better on him. The sample doesn't do it justice! Couldn't keep my hands off of him all night!


Maysville, KY


avon Mesmerize what not who it stinks.


Avon's Mesmerize is just not one of my favorite colognes for men. I just don't say enough about the cologne for me. When I smell this cologne it does not do anything for me other than make me turn up my nose. I don't like this cologne at all. The smell that it leaves in your clothes is not a good smell. I would not recommend this to any one. I just do not have any thing good to say about mesmerize cologne. I think that Avon didn't do a good job on that cologne. It's not all that expensive but some times the inexpensive colognes still do not smell like that. They need to try and mix that with some thing else and create another name for it. I have known Avon to have some good smelling colognes but this just is not one of their best. I don't know what when wrong when they made this one but I can surely say they need to try again. I would not give this away if it were free. It's just not a good cologne to me.


Smithville, GA


Avon Mesmerize

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