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Avon Mesmerize for Her Perfumed Skin Softener

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Avon Perfumed Skin softener is greasy and stinky.


Avon Perfumed Skin Softener is one of those old out dated products that makes you wonder if anybody uses them besides really old ladys.My great grandmother has a whole slew of Avon Perfumed Skin Softners in a ton of different scents.I dont think my grandmother has been out of her home in decades so she gets alot of stuff from Avon.My grandmother once gave me a bunch of The Avon Perfumed Skin Softners and each one smelled like someone had dumped a bottle of perfume in each one.The scent in these bottles smell ultra concentrated and are way too overpowering.The consistency of these skin softeners remind me of heavy cold cream.When you use one of them your skin will feel like you just jumped out of a vat of grease.I tried several different  scents like the mesmerize,timeless,night magic,imari ect. and each one left my skin really greasy and heavy feeling.this stuff is also really hard to wash off.I would not recommend this stuff to anyone it is greasy and stinky.  

Peebles, OH


This is the one must have skin softner every woman should have.


 Avon Perfumed Skin Softener are a must have for every woman. I came to a conclusion a long time ago that I would never find any skin products to which I was not allergic. Luckily  Avon Perfumed Skin Softener and I found each other and that problem was solved. The skin softners are lightly perfumed and feels like silky milk and are a wonderful relief for dry skin. For the ladies who spend a great deal of time on your feet, I find some Avon Perfumed Skin Softener on the feet when going to bed and a pair of socks, I promise in a couple of week you will see the difference. The price is more than affordable, and whenever Avon has a sale I stock up. I have suffered no allergic reactions, either rash, itching, hives and or sneezing all of which I had at one time or another with previous more costly and sometimes prescription lotions and creams. Throughout my years of use I believe I have enjoyed all the varied fragrances of the Avon Perfumed Skin Softener and it has even made this "no muss no fuss girl" become every bit of a "beauty diva" for I now quite enjoy getting myself together knowing I am smelling great and my skin is smooth as silk.

Lakeland, FL


Avon Mesmerize for Her Perfumed Skin Softener

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