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Avon MagiX Tinted Face Perfector - All Shades

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Great color, not so great for oily skin...


I LOVE Magix Face Perfector from AVON so was I ever psyched to see that they had come out with a tinted version. However, this stuff is NOT made for people with oily and/or acne prone skin. I broke out so bad. The color was great and the finish was a soft matte which would be perfect, but within a half hour my face was already glistening, and not in a good way. But, my friend who has pretty decent skin with minimal problems, loves it. She hasn't had the problems I have and it didn't cause any breakouts. She was able to find a perfect color and now she doesn't even wear foundation, just this alone. I will say that it does last a long time, has GREAT coverage and colors to match most skin tones. But if you have any of the skin problems I do, this stuff is NOT for you.


Gaylord, MN


not enough coverage


so i thought i would try this creamy compact face perfecter as i wanted something light i could put on everyday, very quickly without having to put on a whole face of foundation. something that would just get me to the store and back and maybe out to the park with my kids. well, this isn't that good, even for that stuff. i just find that as soon as i put it on my skin aborbs it and it's gone. i like the consistency of it, but that's about it. i can't find the right shade either. i've used most of it up because i keep applying more and more for coverage, and when i do that, then i get enough, but find i have to use alot to do that. i'm not going to reorder it, i'll just use less of my foundation instead. it would probably work well for people who have really great, even, complexions who just want to enhance their face a little bit, maybe give a little color, but for people like me who need more coverage, this just wasn't it.


Staten Island, NY


light coverage that really covers


I am not one to usually like tinted moisturizers.  This is similar to a moisturizer but more of a makeup.   It comes in a compact with an aplicator sponge.   I wasnt a huge fan at first until I started applying it with my fingers instead of the sponge.  It is just enough coverage to erase those blemishes but not look caked on like other makeups do.  I love it.  I use it nearly every day.  You look very natural in it, but without the flaws.  I would recommend it to everyone.


Gales Ferry, CT


Magix is a wonderful natural, light makeup!


I don't like to wear lots of makeup.  I have oily skin so it breaks me out, but also I hate feeling like my face looks unnatural or cakey.  I used to use another Avon compact makeup, but it became too heavy for my skin and began to show up because my skin color changed a bit.  So when Avon came out with Magix, I thought I would give it a try.  I ordered the nude.  It came and as I swiped some on the foam pad, I was thinking it looked thick but dabbed it to see.  I was very impressed!!   The color initially seemed like it wouldn't match my skin, but after blending it in, it just enhanced my skin the way I wanted a makeup to!!    The thickness of it turned to a matte finish, which I was very excited about due to my natural oily skin.  The colors are very versatile, I've tried two of them now and both look natural on me, so it really does work with your color instead of overpowering it. It lasts a nice long time, and is not bothered by  being stored in my purse and left out in the heat/cold occasionally. My one complaint is that you have to be a little careful about blending it.  It can leave places where there is an obvious buildup of product, but all you have to do is blend with the tip of your finger and it disperses over your skin.    


Shawnee, OK


Avon MagiX Tinted Face Perfector Feels Nice


*I simply adore the Avon MagiX Tinted Face Perfector*. *This product really works for me. It's a nice foundation that is light and feels good on my skin. I feel like I am going natural, but this foundation covers lightly making me look good. It's a sheer coverage with easy application. My skin feels soft and smooth while wearing this, and the color of foundation that I chose is perfect. I have a light to medium skin tone, so I chose the medium 464-457. I was amazed at how well the color adapted to my skin tone. It is perfect! I love the compact with mirror. It is a sturdy compact, and it looks nice. This makeup has an SPF 15 to help protect me from the sun's harmful rays.This product controls shine, and I am so pleased with it! This foundation has just the right amount of tint to even out my complexion. It doesn't have a strong scent, and does not break me out. This Avon foundation is my go to product all the time. *


Pine Bluff, AR


Great for any one, any age!


Avon Magix Tinted Face Perfector is the world's best product! I use it for days when I am running around town, and don't want to do a whole face full of makeup, but don't want to go out looking like yesterday's news either! It goes on quickly and smoothly, and you can apply just a little, or more as you prefer! Add a little concealer under the eyes, some lip gloss, some mascara, and go! It is much nicer for me than cream to powder foundations, as it blends well, and doesn't look chalky. The only problem with it---the first time I ordered, it had an 'off' petroleum smell, but I swapped it out---Avon's guarantee!---and the replacement had none of that! There is always a sale with Avon too, so don't forget to check with your Avon rep!


Many, LA


Applying makeup in the morning couldn't be easier!


Avon's Tinted Magix is an amazing product!  After applying moisturizer I simply use the sponge applicator to apply this incredible "face perfector".  Fine lines are smoothed away, shine is banished, pores are visibly minimized and skin tone is evened out.  This really does perfect skin using what Avon calls "patent-pending optix light-diffusing technology".  And if that wasn't enough it even has SPF 15 providing much needed protection from harmful sun rays.  This sheer coverage comes in five different shades:  fair, light, medium, medium deep and deep, and leaves a natural matte finish.  Because it adapts to different skin tones it is very easy to match the color to your skin.  You can wear this alone or I prefer to use a little loose face powder over it and then apply blush.  It is also long wearing, providing a flawless look for up to ten hours.  I absolutely love this stuff and have recommended it to family and friends and they agree! 


Livermore, CA


Avon MagiX Tinted Face Perfector - All Shades

4.4 7