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Avon MOISTURE THERAPY Olive Body Lotion

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Moisturizes for up to 8 hours...


Winter can be brutal here in the Northeast. The dry air seems to soak the moisture out of my body and I am left with itchy, dull skin. Every winter I go in search of the perfect body lotion. I have not found one but along the way I do find a product or two that I like for different reasons. One of them is Avon MOISTURE THERAPY Olive Body Lotion. I have been using an olive oil product for my facial moisturizer and olive oil soap. This is what gave me the little push to try this body lotion. After bathing, I slather this all over my legs and arms. I wear jeans a lot and the chaffing effect is terrible. I haven't noticed it so much this winter however. The product comes in a 13.5 ounce container and is very inexpensive when compared to some of my other winter moisturizers. Scent It has a very soft scent of olive and doesn't feel overly greasy when applied. Absorption I would recommend this product if you suffer from winter dryness. Effectiveness This body lotion is made for rough, dry skin. It claims to immediately hydrate skin by 200% and keeps a 100% increase of moisture for up to 8 hours. That is substantial. I am not a scientist and I can't verify that claim but I can tell you that my skin feels softer and smoother with its usage.

Northern, FL


Avon MOISTURE THERAPY Olive Body Lotion

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