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Avon MOISTURE THERAPY A•C•E Pro-Vitamin Complex Body Lotion

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Moisturizes, but doesn't last long enough


I am always looking for smaller, travel sized tubes of hand lotions.  I have one in my purse, my gym bag, the glove box of our car, and in a drawer on a side table in our lving room.  My husband loves the Avon Moisture Therapy lotion that comes in a blue and white tube, so I decided to try a different version of Moisture Therapy. Avon Moisture Therapy A-C-E Pro Vitamin Complex Hand Cream was on sale for only 79 cents, and came in the perfect size, a small 1.5 ounce tube.  This version has a yellow cap, and claims to be for "Dry, undernourished skin". This is the perfect size for travel, the tube measures less than 5 inches long.  The hand cream is white and of a medium thickness, and it does absorb easily.  There is a slightly greasy feel to it, so I have to keep rubbing until it is well absorbed into my skin and then I don't feel like I need to wipe my hands on a tissue. The back of the tube states that this hand cream delivers "24 hour moisturization", and that it works continually - even after washing the hands.  While this hand cream does provide needed moisture for my dry hands, I feel the benefits are very short lived.  When I apply it to my hands, within an hour my hands feel dry again.  I have not ever used any hand cream or lotion that actually provided me with 24 hours of relief, and this one certainly does not. My nose is sensitive to scented products, and while the smell of this one is mild, I do detect a sweet and chemical odor that I don't particularly care for.  Still, I have used up all of the product, and I can say that it is hard to get the last remains of the lotion out of the bottle when you get toward the end.  Avon Moisture Therapy A-C-E Pro Vitamin Complex Hand Cream is an okay product, but it sure did not even begin to live up to the companies claims. Scent A sweet smelling scent that I'm not particularly fond of Absorption Takes some time but this does absorb completely Effectiveness Not great, and certainly does not moisturize for 24 hours as claimed

Eagle River, AK


Great for everyday use


Avon Moisture Therapy Lotion (A-C-E Pro-Vitamin Complex) was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give it a try. This is the lotion that I keep at my desk at work for throughout the day. The lotion has a really nice, fresh smell that is not too overpowering. I use this lotion after every time I wash my hands at work for instant relief of my dry skin. I wouldn't call this lotion extra moisturizing, more like an average lotion. It does the job but doesn't last a really long time like you would expect from something that is marketed for people with dry skin. The bottle claims that it provides 24-hour moisturizaion and I don't find that to be the case. It doesn't have the greasy feeling that you get with a lot of lotions made for dry skin which is a very good thing. It does make my skin feel soft after I use it and is an average value for the price. Overall I would say this lotion is great for everyday use but not for extra dry skin.

Phoenix, AZ


Moisture Therapy ACE Lotion is just awsome.


I have been selling Avon for some time now and just realized how good this lotion really is.  I purchased this product for my grandson, who has really dry skin.  He is a rough and ready kid, football player, 8 years old.  I used this lotion on him and if I had know that it worked as good as it did, I would have used it a long time ago.  I applied it to his skin after his bath and I was amazed.  I usually have to put something like pure Shae butter, which is high in fats, on his skin, and sometimes twice a day.  With this ACE lotion, I put it on him one time and his skin was so smooth, and the dryness and itching went away.  His comment was, 'Gran-ma, you better buy some more of that lotion, cause I don't itch no more and I feel real smooth, like you'.  It is a wonderful lotion.  Recommend it highly. 5 stars.

Orlando, FL


Avon MOISTURE THERAPY A•C•E Pro-Vitamin Complex Body Lotion

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