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Avon Longest Lashes Ever Mascara

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Hey! I want my 12 extra lashes on each eye & my 85% more length!


***Quick View:*** Why do I keep trying Avon mascaras? It's an obsession or something. I have found exactly one that I really like out of all the many I have tried. But this one was different. It has primer and mascara in one and promised amazing results. The results were average. Again.***About Avon Longest Lashes Ever Fiber Base + Fiber Infused Mascara*** Check out the claims: Gives the appearance of 12 more lashes on each eye. Visibly lengthens lashes up to 85%. Voluptuous volume, unparalleled lengths. No clumps. No flakes. No smudges. Wow, 85% more length? 12 extra lashes on each eye? That's some mascara, eh? Ehhh. The mascara is double-ended mascara comes with primer on one end and mascara on the other. The primer is white and has fibers in it that I can see as I apply it. It does leave my lashes a tad sticky but dries fairly quickly. The mascara has a nice, thick brush and covers the slightly white primer fine. It does lengthen my lashes but I saw no volume at all. Where were my 12 extra lashes on each eye? How did they ever determine that anyway? Did they count people's lashes before and after? Anyway, the mascara dries very fast making a second coat hard to apply. I did get a bit of length and there were no clumps. However, my lashes looked spidery and strange, not full and lush like I was promised. And 85% longer? Oh please. That is just such a crazy claim that it makes me question Avon's sanity. The mascara is average stuff that gives the spidery look and dries so fast that layering is tough. I'm not a fan of this stuff but it isn't the worst I tried either. ***My Viewpoint*** This primer and mascara duo doesn't live up to Avon's ridiculous claims, but what mascara could? This is another average mascara from Avon with mammoth claims that disappoint. But it does add some length and doesn't clump so I will go with*** 3 stars***. I don't recommend it though. There is better for the same price.

The heart of , NY


Easy to put on, but doesn't stay on.


I want to start by saying that I really do like most of Avon's eye makeup products.  This one, however, I did not like at all.  It was really easy to put on, but throughout the day it just kept flaking off into my eyes.  I finally gave up using it and went back to my old mascara.  I can't imagine that I was doing anything wrong applying it, so I assume it was the product itself.  I didn't notice a change in the length of my eyelashes either.  It is cheap, but it didn't work, so it isn't worth it to me, even at its lower price.  This is trivial, I know, but I did like the container itself.  I like the sleek black look of all the eye makeup by Avon.  Overall, I definitely wasn't happy with the product have since stuck with the other brand that was using before I tried this one.  I still do use, however, all my other Avon eye makeup products.  So I wouldn't recommend this product to other women.

Lawrence, KS


It was a cover, but not longer!


I recently purchased this mascara because a friend of my recently began selling Avon products. I had just run out of my mascaare and thought that I would give the Avon products a try. I ordered this in brown although usually I enjoy a Black-brown combination. It mentioned that it had lenghening capabilities. I was saddly disappointed in the results. I thought at first that since it was not the brown-black combination I usually order that it was taking more applications to look good. I found after using it for several days and applying several gutsiest not as good as the product I was previously using. I tried putting on several layers and even tried waiting a few minutes between layer to see if that would help, but found that I still did not receive nearly as good a look as I had previously eith another brand of mascara. It did look as though I was wearing mascare, but the time and effort was not worth that compared to other brands I have used.

Colorado Springs, CO


Great for Thin Lashes


I have been using this  mascara for the past 5 years and I still love it.  I occasionally will branch out and buy a different brand and I am always disappointed.  I have just loved this mascara.  I have a good amount of eye lashes but they are not very long and they are very light.  With the white side, I am able to get a good amount of thickness and length from that. I then let it dry for just a second and apply the dark side.  It makes my eye lashes look so much thicker and fuller.  I absolutely love it! I never have mascara under my eye at the end of the day which is always a plus.  I find when I reapply, I only use the black side.  Adding more white does not help and makes them too clumpy.  It washes off really easily.  I sometimes have trouble getting out from under my eyes after I get out of the shower but a little lotion takes care of that! I will keep trying new ones as they come out but, so far, this one is the winner!

Las Vegas, NV


I love the Fiber Infused Mascara and I don't sell Avon.


I see that a lot of people have been disappointed by this product; however, I have been extremely pleased with the performace of this mascara.  As I have gotten older, I notice that my lashes are not as thick or as long as they were 20 years ago (I'm 41 and had an early surgical menopause, which has caused more physical changes than I ever would have thought).  For the past two years, I have had a hard time finding a mascara that would even show off my eyelashes.  I have tried both expensive (cosmetic counter at department store) and popular less expensive (pink and green) brands with no success.  The "primer" found on one side of the mascara wand adheres to my lashes that allows the "pigment" to attach to my fine lashes.  I do not find that it goes on clumpy or goopy.  It's the first mascara that allows me to see my lashes when putting it on in the mirror!   It may not live to ALL the hype, but it performs extremely well for me.  I won't even think of using a different mascara!

Grand Junction, CO


Don't believe it!


I sold avon for ten years, and this is one of the few products that was just hype.  The extra step of having to put on the 'primer' was just silly.  Putting the first coat on, and then adding the mascara, does nothing to increase or lenghten the size of your eyelashes.  And the 'primer' was gross.  It went on thick and white. The price just isn't worth it.  It does nothing more than a regular mascara.  I even tried skipping the primer step, just to see if I'd like the mascara any more.  I didn't.  This mascara doesn't work nearly as well as others I've tried.  

Jacksonville, NC


Best Mascara Ever!


This is the best mascara I have ever used. I have short eyelashes, and extremely sensitive eyes, and this mascara is perfect for me.  I like the fact that there is a primer, and actual mascara.  I like to spend extra time on my eyes to lengthen my eyelashes.  I am an avid Avon user, and this mascara keeps me going!

Huntington Beach, CA


Eye irritant


I have tried this mascara and I do not like it.  This product does not give you a fuller looking or extended lash.  People who have sensitivities to eye makeup or mascaras this is not for you. The fiber in the mascara may be fine, but they are very uncomfortable when they flake off into your eyes.

North Las Vegas, NV


Avon Longest Lashes Ever Mascara

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