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Avon Line Eliminator

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Swear by it


This product works fantastically.  I've used it for 2 years and the lip lines have diminished, even after I smoked for many years (having only quit 6 mos ago).  I didn't think it was working the first few weeks, but had paid for it so kept using it.  Then I saw that my lipstick wasn't bleeding as badly as before I used it, so used it daily.  When I stopped using it, thinking it was a waste because I didn't see any more improvement, then went back a few months later to use up the rest of the tube, I again noticed results within 2 weeks.  Now I swear by the stuff.  My lines are definitely less than other women my age.

Anchorage, AK


This really does work- love all the Anew products


I use this tube type of Anew when traveling. It is a bit lighter than the similar line eliminator in the green jar. I noticed the difference the very first usage. It may feel a bit heavy going on but is absorbed into the skin within a few minutes. If you get on Avon email list, you can find these porducts on sale - alot!

Richmond, VA


Used daily it really does work.


I used to have a realle deep crease between my eyebrows. With practice of not scrunching my eyes and continually using this product, I truly have seen a reduction in the crease between my eyebrows. I have also seen fine lines across the forhead shrink in size.

South Bend, IN


Was excited, but again did not work..


*Well the Avon line eliminator, another waste of money.  Was excited about this when I first heard about it.  Could not wait to purchase the product.  Again, no results.  As I have said, I have used almost everything Avon Anew skincare offers and I have had no satisfying results from any of them.  I purchase them mostly because I get a discount because I know a representative.  However, if you have to pay full price buy olay.  The Anew line is overly hyped up and I wish I could see real results, but I have not.  There is one anew product  I like and that is the dermabrasion.  It has not helped lines and wrinkles, but it does help remove dead skin cells and your skin feels so smooth after use.  *

Delbarton, WV




I must admit, when I first purchased this product, I was a little hesitant, but was given good deal for trying it. I followed the directions to a tee, and was surprised that it did what it said. I soon kept receiving compliments about how fantastic my face looked, and people asking what I was using. The forehead lines were decreased, and I was happy with the result. It is worth every penny.

Panorama City, CA


Avon Line Eliminator

4.0 5