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Avon Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream W/SPF 15

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Avon Botanicals Eye Cream works for me.


Avon Botanicals Eye Cream perks me up in the mornings. I actually use it on other parts of my face. It has SPF-15 included, so no need to use extra sunscreen. I notice that my eyes look more alert. My skin around the eyes feels tighter. It goes on smoothly and blends in well. I can tell this stuff is made with quality ingredients. It's also organic, for all of you organic fans. I don't get any irritation or redness from the cream. That is always a great thing. I expect the wrinkles to stay away from my eyes by using this cream. It dosen't cost too much. I am willing to pay for something that will make me feel refreshed and more alive. I also like how the cream has minimal fragrance. I don't really like a lot of fragrance from creams since I use lotions and perfume. I got a sample of this cream first. Everyone likes it. You can usually get an Avon rep to give you a little sample of this, before you buy a full size.

Wilmington, NC


It's keeper in my beauty arsenal


Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream by Avon. I started using the product last month and fell in love with it. First I'll start with the ingredients. This product is Certified Organic. Avons exclusive Plant Essence Technology captures the natural goodness of botanicals to deliver the richest infusions of plant nutrients directly to your skin. This Eye Cream is dye-free, preservative-free and fragrance free. Utilizing natural plant extracts to protect skin from harmful UV rays.  Now the results using Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream. In just 2 weeks, I saw a difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cream absorbs quickly, and helps to retexturize the delicate under-eye area. I also suffer from dark under-eye circles, this eye cream lightens my under-eye area. Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream by Avon is a keeper in my beauty arsenal.

Absecon, NJ


Avon Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream W/SPF 15

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