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Avon Kids Bath Time Body Paints

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Not really bath paint


Not a big fan of the avon kids bath paints. They don't actually come out like you would think bath paint would be. It streaks and only squirts out a little bit at a time. You can't see it on the skin at all. The roller doesn't work well and the paints are not tear free. I won't buy these ever again because they don't work we'll at all



A lot of fun!


These are unlike anything you can buy at a regular store. They are shaped like Avon's deodorant. There is a little ball that rolls the paint on. These seem completely safe for children. I have never had any problem with the paint bothering my daughter's skin or eyes. More children's body paint has tons of warnings on it, but this doesn't. My daughter's think this paint is the greatest thing and they have so much fun with it. They enjoy painting their arms, legs and stomach. They even paint on the side of the bathtub and up the tile walls. I was worried about it staining at first. Usually they suggest not using any kind of bathtime paints or colors on older tubs, which is what I have. However, this stuff washes away without any problems at all. I usually wash it off right after they get out of the bathtub. The scents and colors are great! There is a lot to choose from and they smell really good. My daughter enjoys guessing the scent. The price is cheap enough to get one in every scent!



Makes Bath Time Exciting For Kids


One of the things that have been fun over the years has been body paints for the bath tub. We have used various brands, but the least staining has been Avon. It comes in a wide variety of scents and colors to make bath time fun. Effectiveness These paints are made in a rollerball container which is like deodorant applicators. Each color has a unique scent such as coconut, banana, watermelon, cotton candy, grape, orange, and bubble gum. The idea is that kids can paint themselves or the walls of the shower with these colored paint/soaps and have fun without causing damage. The ingredients of these is not as harsh as some of the bath paints we have bought in the past, which makes them safer to use on sensitive skin. The paints themselves are not overly bright or intense in color, but that is also good because they don't tend to stain like some of the other brands we have used in the past. If the applicator ball gets stuck at all, you can just dip in warm water and free up the applicator. We didn't have any skin problems from this soap or itching like some of the kids' products have often given our children. INGREDIENTS: WATER/EAU SD ALCOHOL 40-B POLYSORBATE 20 SODIUM LAUROYL SARCOSINATE TEA-LAURYL SULFATE BENZOIC ACID PARFUM/FRAGRANCE XANTHAN GUM CITRIC ACID TETRASODIUM EDTA YELLOW 5/CI 19140 ORANGE 4/CI 15510 (each scent has slightly different ingredients) Scent Although the scents are great and designed for kids, I find them to be a bit artificial in nature so I am giving them four stars instead of five. That is not a BAD thing though, because these are very fun to use because of the smells as well as the colors, and the kids never seem to mind.

Podunk, NY


Avon bath paints make kids love bathing.


The Avon bath time body paints come in cute little bottles that look like deodorant. They have little Disney characters on the front with bright colors that kids love. The top can easily be twisted off, so kids won't need your help. The paint rolls on like deodorant. Kids roll it on their bodies or all over the tub. It is completely safe and washes away. The cotton candy scent smells so good, it makes you want some. That is one con to this. Kids may try to lick the top thinking it is edible. I would definitely advise telling your kids not to do that, or they probably will. It makes bath time fun and exciting. My grandson likes to sit against the back of the tub, and draw around himself. Then he'll draw hair and a face on his little shadow. This stuff lathers and rinses. It is like soap, except colorful. These bath time paints make great gifts for kids, and I'm sure some adults like to play with it too. Maybe you could take some and draw a heart in the tub, and call your significant other in to take a nice, hot, romantic bath! This is not just for kids. ;)

Four Oaks, NC


Avon's Kids Bath Time Body Paints Are Tons of Fun


I like the Avon brand of products and decided to give the Avon Kids Bath Time Body Paints a try. First the good things. These paints DO NOT stain your bath tub. We tried some of the "bath crayons" in the past from other companies and they left us with faint lines on our white tub that took forever to get rid of. Another good thing is that they wash right off of your child with a minimum of scrubbing or trouble. Another great thing about this product is that they smell very good. The only real down side I could see to this product is the design of the bottle. The way it is made you have to be very careful rolling it on or it will drip all over (it's dripped on our rug and come right out, but we have a black rug so it would be hard to see if it had actually stained). Because of this design I have to help my son with it, rather than having him use it himself (if he does use it great drips leak down which wastes the product). Overall though I'd say this is a good product.

Grand Rapids, MI


Kids love this soap


I bought my kids these body paints for Christmas and they love them. They can write on the tub and on theirselves and get clean in the process. It rinses off easily and the kids can play while they take a bath which is a plus in my book

Bremen, KY


Make bath time fun time with Avon Kids Body Paints


If you have small children in the house then you should really try some Avon Kids Bath Time Body Paints. My little neices and nephews absolutley love visiting me because these body paints make bath time uproarious fun! Bath time has never been so easy. Each 1.7 ounce paint colored roll-on paints on and rinses easily, and they smell great. My favorite is the bubble gum scented one, and there is also a cotton candy, coconut custard, or candy apple scent to choose from. And for your little princesses you can choose from Disney's  Ariel and Cinderella versions. For the little boys you have Lightning Mc Queen or Tow Mater. These are finger paints that kids (and their parents) can seriously get into. These are fun, they're safe, and they're gentle on tender skin. And did i mention that they smell absolutely wonderful! Stock up on this, so when bath time comes around at your house your kids will run to the tub!

Santee, CA


Avon Kids Bath Time Body Paints

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