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Avon Keep Clear Anti-Dandruff Treatment

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Helps Keep Scalp Clear Between Shampoos


I find it distressing to wash and style my hair, only to later find patches of dandruff that refused to budge. Every so often, I get a patch of dry dandruff along my hairline that doesn't always respond to anti-dandruff shampoo. Therefore, I was pleased to discover **Advance Techniques Keep Clear Anti-Dandruff Treatment **by **Avon**. **Keep Clear** is a zinc-pyrithione based lotion that is formulated to clear up flakes and stop the itch associated with dandruff. It "clears pores and absorbs excess oil to refresh and revitalize scalp." The lotion comes in a 5-ounce squeezable bottle with a small tip at the top. You unscrew the top to control the amount of lotion that is dispensed. I found that even though I only turned the top just a tiny bit, quite a lot of lotion squeezed out. The goal is to part the hair and dispense a line of lotion along the revealed scalp, but I had trouble getting the right amount of lotion to flow. At any rate, it was a little messy but the Keep Clear lotion did a great job and stopping the itch immediately. Within hours, the dry patchy scalp along my hairline also cleared up and stayed that way until my next shampoo. Overall, I'm very happy with **Keep Clear Anti-Dandruff Treatment**. It's made with the same active ingredient found in many dandruff shampoos, and it's an effective way to keep your scalp clear between shampoos..

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Avon Keep Clear Anti-Dandruff Treatment

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