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Avon Karmala Fragrance

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I Love Karmala !!!!


 I get so many compliments on this cologne. Everyone that smells it makes a comment and sometimes more than once. It's not overpowering, smells light and airy, but seems to stay with me longer than alot of other colognes I have worn.  It makes me feel good - lifts my spirits.


Vista, CA


Great scent for everyday wear


This fragrance is definitely one of my favorites.  It's very soft and sweet, and I always get lots of compliments on it.  It doesn't come across as a very strong fragrance, so I never worry about people thinking I have too much perfume on.  It's also very affordable!


Iowa City, IA


Avon's Karmala Fragrance is wonderful!


I think Karmala is/was Avon's best fragrance, most of their perfumes give me a headache but Karmala had the perfect scent. Mysterious almost. Only wish it had lasted longer & now found out that it's been discontinued. Figures. I got many compliments on this perfume.


Easton, PA


the best smell ever "karmala"


***Okay Karmala perfume from Mark or Avon is or was the very best scent of any perfume I ever had.  For some crazy reason they decided to discontinue it.  I had more compliments on this scent then any other perfume I have ever worn.  One day I was standing in line at the checkout and this random guy says to me maim I don't know what you are wearing right now but my nose is in heaven right now.  I just laughed and thanked him for the compliment.  I really wish they would bring it back and my avon lady says she has had more people ask for it than any other perfume since it was discontinued.  Maybe enough people will complain to avon or mark and they will decide to bring it back for good or maybe for just a little while.  To me it has a creamy smell that you can't get enough of.  It was wonderful for the fall and winter.  I have tried to find it anywhere online and on ebay bottles of it are selling for triple then the price it was in the book.  Another reason it should be brought back.  I want to thank avon for another discontinued scent I love.***


Corbin, KY


Avon Karmala Fragrance is one of my favorite evening fragrance


Avon Karmala Fragrance is one of my fav fragrance for night time, dinner, going dancing, hot date.  I love the smell of white pepper.  Can't get enough of the smell.  I havent seen in a long time.  Does Avon still sell it?  I basically quit buying Avon products when I didn't see in the brochure.


Puyallup, WA


Avon Karmala is a wonderful fragrance for the inner hippie!


This perfume smells absolutely positively wonderful! I thoroughly enjoy the smell and usually wear it when I am feeling especially bohemian. If given the opportunity, I would highly recommend this fragrance to any person who enjoyed folk, bluegrass, or indie music. The smell is very deep, yet very feminine. If I could put a smell to the color purple, this would be precisely it. This silky conditioning lotion spreads on easily and absorbs quickly. I prefer to smooth it all over my body for enduring softness and the long-lasting scent of clover leaf, Tahitian vanilla, white pepper, and pink cassis. I can put this lotion on in the morning all over my legs, arms, stomach, back, etc, and in the evening, my skin is still as soft and silky as it was in the morning when I applied it. My fiancee loves when I wear this lotion and/or perfume because it reminds him of when we first met. I will continue to buy this product until it is discontinued.


Temple, GA


A scent so heavenly, it makes me feel like a Goddess!


I am one of those people who can not wear Avon products.  The colognes give me horrid headaches.  My daughter was selling Avon and got a sample of Karmala.  Right away I had to open a sample and give it a try.  What a wonderful smell.  I tried it on my skin over a weekend, to see if I would have any effects from it.  No headaches.  Karmala has a exotic, woodsy, vanilla scent, one that is soft, and long lasting.  I am always asked what I am wearing when I have it on.   My husband is really picky when it comes to the colognes I wear.  He has asthma and copd and so many of todays colognes, including Avon's, cause him to have a reaction to them.  But for some reason, this wonderful scent doesn't bother him. Unfortunately, I don't think Avon carries this any longer, and how sad.  


Ashland, VA


Karmala is irreplacable


Karmala perfume has been the best one I have found yet. I sell Avon, and now they are not selling it.  All of my customers are asking for it. I use to keep it in stock, and the cute little genie bottle which is purple is great. I've had so many comments about this item, and I wish they would bring it back.


Augusta, GA


Karmala is like deep, rich, love.


While I love this fragrance dearly, with it's deep, rich undertones, it doesn't stay on very well. I found myself feeling like I needed more every few minutes. My mom and sister felt the same way. The smell, although wonderful, fades away really quickly-- even when you layer it with the lotion.The bottle is beautiful, though, and when the smell does stick, it is great!


Alpharetta, GA


husband loves it


I sell avon and I love their products. I personally do not us alot of perfumes though. I get major headaches. This perfume is one of few that i can wear. My husband is the one that fell in love with it first. He loves the smell of it so i thought i better try it. I love it. It isn't to overwelming like some perfumes. has a great smell.


York, PA


Avon Karmala Fragrance

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