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Shampoo for Damaged Hair
Avon Intense Repair Hydrating Shampoo

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Makes your manageable


My daughter sells Avon and questioned if I would like to try the Avon brand. I am always complaining that my hair is so soft that it is not easy to curl or make a good style. She suggested that I try the Avon Hydrating brand. It has a nice pleasant fragrance and it does just what it says. It does make my hair much easier to curl and  has a nice sheen. I will probably continue to use the Avon brand.

Sun City, CA


Avon's Intense Repair Hydrating Shampoo is awesome!


I am REALLY picky about my shampoo...and I HATE having to spend a lot of money on it.  I started selling Avon recently and saw this Intense Repair Hydrating Shampoo in one of the books.  I figured I would try it out since I was not happy with how much I was paying for the shampoo I was using.  I LOVE it!  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has dry or damaged hair.  My hair was very damaged before I started using this product.  Being a busy mom, I often just throw my hair up in a ponytail at various times during the day to keep it out of my face.  This caused my hair to become very damaged and lifeless looking.  I was beginning to think that the only way to get it healthy again would be to cut it very short and I didn't really want to do that.  I am so glad that I found this product from Avon!  Like all of the other products I have tried from Avon it is an affordable product that really works! 

Resaca, GA


I Love This Avon Hydrating Shampoo!


***Hi, I just want to say, I use this shampoo from avon, called Advance Techniques intense repair hydrating shampoo, And i absolutely ******love it. My hair was so dry. I was always looking for a really good shampoo and conditioner that would work great for not only my hair but my scalp as well. When i stared selling avon, I seen this intense repair shampoo and conditioner and decided to try it. It left my hair looking healthier and shinier and it was so soft. I was really satisfy******ed,and glad I decided to at least try this. It was only about four bucks. About the same if not cheaper then what i was paying in the store anyways. I would definitely recommend this to some one that has dry,damaged,spilt ends,brittle hair.And if doesn't work for your hair, well at least*** ***you can return it and get your money back for it. Thank you reading my review.***

Austin, TX


Avon Intense Repair Hydrating Shampoo

5.0 3