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Avon Hydrofirming Lifting Day Cream SPF 15

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leaves skin firmer not greassy


I have been using Avon Hydrofirming Nihgt Cream for a little over a month and am very impressed with the results so far can tell a big difference in the way my face and neck looks. My skin is a lot more taunt and the fine lines are nothing like as obvious. The skin under my neck is nothing like as saggy as it was. Also it leaves your face felling great not greasy or dried out. Of all the products I have used in the past I find that this one delivers more of what it say it will do with out having to have professional services. Also a little goes a long way it really does not take a lot to cover and get the job done. For the money I personally think Avon Hydrofirming Night Cream is the best product for the money. With continues use I truly believe the same results can be achieved as with any profession product or service and with a lot less money . I have recommend this to many of my friends and will continue to use this product over others.  

Horn Lake, MS


Avon Hydrofirming cream works really well.


I had never used the Avon Hydrofirming Cream line before.  I thought I would try it.  The price was not as high as it is on other similar products.  I bought the Hydrofirming Lifting Day Cream, the Hydrofirming night cream, and the Hydrofirming Eye Cream.  The product seems to work really well for me.  I like how it makes your skin feel after you put it on.  It does not leave your skin oily.  You do not have to use a lot of it on your face.  It really just takes a small  amount to cover your face. Your skin feels really soft and smooth with the use of these creams. The Hydrofirming line of creams are very easy to get.  That is if you know someone that sells Avon, or if you have the internet to get access to the Avon website. Avon have special sales on these products,  You can buy the set of 3 which is the Hydrofirming night cream, lifting day cream, and the eye cream for a special price .  When you buy the sets the Hydrofirming creams are cheaper than buying them seperate.  I would recommend this product to my friends

Scottsboro, AL


This is a good under eye moisturizer.


Avon's Hydrofirming Eye Cream is a very good under eye moisturizer.  It is light weight enough to be used day and night, but it does not have SPF in it, so I use it only at night.  It hydrates the under eye area to reduce wrinkling.  Unlike some of Avon's facial creams [and ironically their most expensive ones] this cream does not have a heavy sweet perfumed fragrance to it so doesn't drive my sinuses crazy.  This cream has a light, pleasant frangrance.  A little spreads a long way and it has staying power rather than simply evaporating once you put it on your skin, so the little container lasts a long while.  It is one of Avon's most economical items despite being better than some of the more expensive ones.  It's a real bargain, especially when you catch it on Avon's rotating sale.

Hammond, LA


This is a good daytime moisturizer with sunblock.


Avon's Hydrofirming Lifing Day Cream with SPF 15 is an excellent moisturizer that does double duty because you don't need to add sunblock.  I never leave my house during the day without sunblock, so this is a good alternative to plain facial moisturizer.  Unlike some of Avon's facial products that are inundated with heavy sweet perfume, this has a light pleasing smell to it.  I don't know how it reacts on oily skin, but on my normal to dry complexion it is very light and nongreasy.  It lasts the entire day, so doesn't have to be reapplied at mid-day in order to rehydrate my skin.  Also, it is one of Avon's less expensive products [it's some of the expensive ones that stink of perfume], so it is a bargain to boot.

Hammond, LA


Avon Hydrofirming Lifting Day Cream SPF 15

4.3 4