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Avon Goddess Avon EDP Spray 50 ml for Women

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Avon Goddess Is Feminine


Recently, my older son received a gift certificate to an online perfume supplier. He spent hours researching the psychology behind body scent. (When he was younger, he and his peers wore no fragrance. When he was in middle school, they all couldn't get enough of spraying AXE so I think they decided as they got older that fragrance is something you outgrow.) His conclusion was that a recent fashion trend is unisex scent-i.e. you share it with your boyfriend. As a longtime fan of Estee Lauder Beautiful, Amarige by Givenchy, and Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP, this is inconceivable to me. When I say I adore Goddess by Avon you now know my bias. I love girly scents and this is one. I could say it's fruity, but not like shower gel. It is unequivocally floral. Wear it and everyone will know you are wearing perfume. It lasts and through the ubiquitous promotions found through an Avon rep or on Avon.com, it can be affordable.

Williston, VT


Avon's Goddess is perfect if you love soft-scented Parfums.


If you love fragrance like I love fragrance but allergies or a sensitive nose prevents you from enjoying them...then I think Goddess by Avon is just right for you! I love all scents, whether soft, mild, or strong but sweet, I am captured! But if you are unable to enjoy the varieties of scent strengths, then I recommend Goddess by Avon. It is an ethereal floral of watery freesia, mystical muguet and angelic musk. So ever light and freshly scented. You will only need to spritz 1-3 times, depending on your preference, and you will have a fresh, long-lasting but lightly scented aroma all day, no kidding. Goddess by Avon is also perfect if you work in an office setting with little or no ventilation. You will NOT choke-out your co-workers or the office with a nice but strong fragrance. It is very mild and deliciously scented for everyday wear. Goddess is a 'Must Have' for sensitive allergies or limited space. Smooth it over with the Shimmering Body Powder, so effortlessly wearable with just a hint of shimmer. You must try it!

Bridgeton, MO


Avon Goddess Avon EDP Spray 50 ml for Women

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