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Avon Glimmerstick Waterproof and Self Sharpening Liner

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As long as my hand holds the line, this liner will be IT!


**AVON GLIMMERSTICKS WATERPROOF EYE LINER** doesn't come in a non-sparkly Emerald or Plum. That's my only disappointment with this product and it's *miniscule.* The good news? My current shades -- *Midnight Blue* and *Smoky Grey *-- last and last and last. When I'm not using eye shadow, I often -- deliberately -- don't wipe off my **AVON WATERPROOF EYE LINER**. It's still holding the line a day and sometimes *two* days later. Now that's a couple of days when I haven't fooled with the delicate skin around my eyes, AND I've never experienced any irritation. I've used the plain eyeliner stick and appreciated it in the past. But **GLIMMERSTICKS RETRACTABLE and SELF SHARPENING** pencil matches the stick price quite close enough when it's on sale. (I bought one and got one free.) I dread the frustration of hand sharpening and seeing the new point break off. With this combo, it's a quick turn, a beautiful point and an easy no-pull application. Next time these babies are on sale again, I'm going for the *Chocolate Brown* and the *Copper* shades. Maybe in the future, **AVON** will add a few new **WATERPROOF **colors!

Los Angeles, CA


Avon Glimmerstick Waterproof and Self Sharpening Liner

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