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Avon Foot Works

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The main reason I shop at Avon.com.


Out of all of the products I purchase from an Avon representative or at Avon.com, the Foot Works products are what I purchase the most. The Foot Works line gives you a great selection of products to pamper yourself with. All of the things I've tried have worked well for me and the scents were pleasant. I've bought Foot Works gift sets for a couple of my family members and they all really liked the products as well. These products are affordable and work well.




Great Feet Starts here!


Well if you have some embarrasing feet  and want to get rid of the cracked skin , and if you want smooth and silky feet  I would say get **Avon Foot Works **, they come in many different scents  and formulas , I love **Avon Foot Works scrub and  over night cream** , they leave your feet sliky smooth and soft , doesnt dry your feet out one  bit ! You have to try it to see for your self , you wont be one bit of sorry , **Avon Foot Works **is not expensive and the direction are easy to follow . **Avon Foot Works **is the best out there , **Avon Foot Works** is not greasy and fast asorbing , and it works so fast by smoothing your skin , you will see the difference after one use ! **Avon Foot Works **smell great , pleasent  and refreshing scent , cools your tired and hot feet . The price is not that bad at all and it wont break your pocket book either . **Avon Foot Works **is the best out there , if you try this and you will be hooked . I will recommed this to all my family and friends and co workers .


Kankake, IL


Foot Works is the best!


Avon's Foot Works is the best Foot products out there. It makes your skin feel smooth and moisturized. It is always reasonably priced too. You can find it on sale most of the time. There are other great Foot Works products that are on sale that are very effective. I highly recommend them to anyone who has calluses, odor problems, itchy problems or any other foot problems. It offers quick relief and a lasting effect in just a week. I have even seen results within just a couple of days. You can find it online or from an Avon representative in your area. You can buy in bulk or just buy one at a time. They are great gifts for family and friends. They are soothing and relaxing products that keep your feet moisturized especially in the dry season of winter. You can apply daily or as often as you need to. Spread the word about this great product and help heal the feet of those around you. Go buy it today.


Howard Lake, MN


Avon Foot Works Double-action footcream has granules in it


I was looking for some tubes of beauty product to take on holiday with me.  I came across a tube of Avon foot Works Double-Action Foot-cream.  It is 100 ml. tube, and I believe I purchased it when I was in England, for a visit. The Avon product line have very plain bottles and tubes, and this is no exception.  It is an off-white color with green coloring and writing on it. This is a skin softening cream, and it is suggested that you put it on, leave it for 1 minute, then massage into your feet.  You can either leave it on, or rinse it off. When I use it I find that it is a cream, but it also has granules in it too.  After massaging it into the bottoms of my feet, I don't like the 'bits', on my hands and feet, so I do rinse them off, and my hands as well. The foot cream has very little fragrance, and it seems to go a long way. My feet do feel good after using it a couple of times, so I think that it does help with dry skin, and also moisturizes them too. I will love using this after walking St. Augustine and Daytona Beaches this coming week.


New Port Richey, FL


Avon Foot Works soothed my cracked heels...worth every penny


I liked the Avon Foot Works therapeutic cream, but feel it is a little over-priced. The cream feels a little greasy at first and you need to really "work it in" but it really does bring relief to dry, cracked heels. It says first aid external analgesic on the front of the tube so I am assuming there is some sort of numbing agent in the cream. I tend to trust this brand to not produce any kind of rash and this is true with this cream as well-- it brought relief without causing any further irratation. I don't recommend this as your everyday moisturizer, but it works very well for exactly what it says it will and I think it could be used for any circumstances in which you have extremely dry even cracked skin. The product is available through your usual Avon vendor(s) and can be packaged as part of some other promotion occasionally. I would give the Foot Works cream a full endorsement if it was only a little less expensive!


Saint Louis, MO


Avon Foot Works

4.0 5