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Avon Foot Works Sloughing Cream

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Foot Works is fantastic and smells great..foot transformation !


Years ago when Avon first introduced the Footworks line ...there weren't as many products as there are now. This sloughing cream is the perfect consistency so you aren't sitting there rubbing your feet forever until the lotion sinks in. You only have to use a little bit and I use it on any of my rough areas, elbows, knees, ankles, legs..makes shaving more effective! Now the have Watermelon and Coconut scents and you can get the entire set of foot works pedicure items. I love the cooling spray as well. The sloughing cream is certainly the best I have ever used. Believe me I have tried them all and I am very particular about a product living up to its standards.  Avon really has improved on a lot of their products growing with the changes and needs of today, I am so glad they have not discontinued this product as of yet and I hope they never do. If you were to only buy one product from the Foot Works line...You simply have to choose the Avon Foot Works Sloughing Cream..you won't be dissapointed.



Better than a pedicure


I use this every other week in the summer and every 3 weeks in the winter. I love this stuff! I work in construction and my husband is a mechanic. I use this with the foot soak and deep moisture cream. It really works! It helps to take off the outter layer of dead skin and leaves behind soft smooth skin. My 3 favorite Avon products are Sloughing cream, deep moisture and soak

Denver, CO


Avon Foot Works Sloughing Cream

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