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Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask

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You Can Put Purple Mud On Me Any Time


One night while I was watching TV, my daughter came sneaking in the room with a big grin on her face. She had something behind her back. When she whipped it out with a laugh of triumph on her face, I saw with delight that she had a bag from Avon in her hand. She had gone Avon foot shopping again. This time her purchase was a collection of lavender stuff which had in it a tube of Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask. This tube has a flip top on it which has a hole that you dispense the clay out of. She began to put it on the bottom of my feet and then up into the tops of my feet and lower legs. The lavender clay felt cool and refreshing and it was a pleasure to lay there with her quick home made spa on my bed as I finished my program. My daughter has tried a lot of the Foot Works line of products (and I mean a LOT) as well as others and her favorite still continues to be Avon- mine as well. Effectiveness After applying the mask and waiting the appropriate amount of time, my daughter washed off the mask in a lavender scented cloth and bowl and she quickly sloughed off the callouses on my feet. She applied a matching lavender Foot Works Cream, but my feet felt and looked wonderful. The skin was VERY soft, and my callouses were left at a minimum. My feet stayed like this for two whole days too! I found my skin to be greatly moisturized and refreshed after using the Lavender Clay Mask on my feet. She has plans to do my hands and elbows next! Scent I absolutely love the lavender scented Foot Works Clay Mask. It is very refreshing and invigorating at the same time. It is very rewarding to use it on my feet- not only are they being treated, but so is my sense of smell which is relaxed.


Podunk, NY


Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask


**Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask** can be added to your at home spa moments to treat your tired feet or when you want to get ready for those special open toe, sling back style of strappy shoes that let your show off your beautiful, well-manicured feet. Do you remember Rosemary and Glycerin products? Well, **Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask **is primarily Lavender and Glycerin. **Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask **is a skin soother and an exfoliant. Super- sloughing micro-beads help with the exfoliation aspect. **Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask** creates a cooling sensation without leaving a greasy feeing. **Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask **leaves, dry, rough skin feeling softer and smoother. Basically, to use **Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask,** all you have to do is apply it liberally to your feet and legs. Let it dry, just a few seconds, rinse off and towel dry. Reuslts - amazing. You may have figured this out already,** Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask **can also be used on your hands and elbows. Remember, this is for external use only and contact with eyes should be avoided. Effectiveness Generally does what it says and makes foot skin smooth. Scent Very aromatic.


Alton, IL


Avon Foot Works Lavender Clay Mask

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