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Avon Foot Works Exfoliating Bar Soap

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I LOVE This Soap


My daughter's aspiration is to have a spa when she is older. She practices on me. One of the products she has gotten a ton of is the Avon Footworks line. When she got me the soap a few months ago, I was amazed at how great it smelled and couldn't wait to use it. Effectiveness This soap is very finely milled yet it is a firm bar of soap that does not melt into goo once you get it wet. It has little dark blue specks of exfoliating substance in it and the bar itself is a pretty light blue green color. When using this on my feet, the result is wonderful. My feet are left smooth, moisturized and soft. It is funny but my daughter gives her opinion that it is one of the nicest foot soaps she has used on me. I have to agree. It is also very useful for rough elbows and knees too. We don't keep it in the shower, though, because she only uses it for foot spa treatments and we don't want the bar to melt away too quickly. I have had no problems with drying, itching, or irritation from this soap at all. Scent I am not kidding when I tell you that once in a while I go grab the bar of this soap and sniff it because I love the fragrance so much. It is a very refreshing scent that has a minty base with an herb twist to it that I find almost addicting. Sometimes my daughter will come in the room waving the bar of soap and sniffing with facial expressions of heaven on her face!

Podunk, NY


Avon Foot Works Exfoliating Bar Soap

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