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Avon Foot Works Antifungal Foot Spray

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Foot Works is Awesome!


I love all Avon's Foot Works products. This product is nice because it is soothing instantly. It takes away foot odor and leaves your feet feeling clean and relieved from itches. It is easy to spray on. There is no need to rub it in. Simply just spray and let your feet relax as it soothes them. It is great for killing fungus that is common on your feet. It comes in a convenient bottle that has a cap for no spills. It lasts for a long time and is very affordable. It is on sale many times on Avon's website. Simply contact your Avon representative to order some for yourself today. It is a great gift for someone who struggles with feet problems, specifically athletes foot. This product has been around for a while so it is reputable. Just ask anyone who has used it. It is easy to carry along with you in your purse for easy access on the go. Make sure to always have it on hand for quick relief.

Howard Lake, MN


Avon Foot Works Antifungal Foot Spray

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