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Avon Foot Works

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She Threw My Feet Off The Bed Into A Pan Of Delicious!


I was feeling kind of low one day and my dear young daughter came marching in the bedroom and in an authoritative voice commanded me to swing my feet off the bed With great ease, she whipped out a pan of hot water, put in a measured amount of liquid from an Avon Footworks bottle and I had a 20 minute foot spa experience that was WONDERFUL! Avon Foot Works comes with a variety of foot soaks- energizing, relaxing, comforting, and conditioning are some that we have tried. My daughter is practicing to run a spa some day so she tries them all whenever she earns some money. Effectiveness After soaking my feet for around 20 minutes, my daughter followed up with a lovely application of some of the creams from Avon that came with the kit that she purchased on a special deal from the Foot Works collection. She gave me a pedicure and when she was done, not only my feet were soft and lovely, but her hands were soft too! My feet have some very heavy calloused areas on them, and she was able to get much of the skin worn down to the soft level and cracks were made to feel better too. I have to say that this was better and more effective than some of the expensive products we have used on my feet. Avon Foot Works seems to have a good thing going with their product line and this is just one of many we have found to be enjoyable and effective. She has since used it on my husband with wonderful results as well. Scent I thought the scent of this was nice- nothing that I RAVED about but it was pleasant and enjoyable.

Podunk, NY


Makes Your Feet Soft


I am on my feet all day and had dry sore feet. As a regular Avon sutomer, I had often noticed the Foot Works sign but generally leafed past them thinking "who has time to soak their feet?" Finally I was tempted to try the line by a great deal on the price and ordered a few products. I made the time to soak my feet in this amazing product and Wow! What a feeling! I spent the time with my feet in a bucket of warm water and the foot soak and enjoyed flipping through a magazine. The time alone was well worth it. What a stress reliever! And the product? Felt great the entitre time I soaked. Relieved the days stresses and beyond a doubt helped my tired sore feet feel so much better! I have used the foot soak weekly since I bought it and am very satisfied with the results. Not sure I want to kiss anyones feet but I have to asmit Avon Footworks conditioning foot soak delivers as it promises. I will recommend it!

Beverly Hills, CA


Leaves your feet kissable


The Avon Foot Works line overall is tremendous. But the conditioning foot soak is phenomenal, even if you don't follow up with the moisturizers. The foot soak comes in a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle and a little goes a long way. If you want your feet to be extra soft yo can apply it directly to your feet instead of mixing it with the water. Even if you don't have the energy to get rid of the dead skin just soaking your feet with this product will have them feeling remarkable smoother. I used this 2 days ago and my feet still feel as if they are just coming out of the soak. The bottle is small so it can fit almost anywhere in your bathroom or washroom, wherever you keep your pedicure materials. The foot soak is not expensive, I am not sure what the price is right now but when I bought it, it was a good price. You can go online or call Avon to find a representative. You will not be disappointed. This is a great product.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Avon Foot Works

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