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Avon Face exfoliator

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Avon Face exfoliator helps keep my skin feeling fresh.


Avon Skin Exfoliator, i my opinion is really great. I have always had problems with big pores on my face, which often resulted in blackheads and bad acne. The Avon Skin Exfoliator held to remove all the dirt from my pores and also help to shrink them back down to where they are hardly noticeable anymore. I have tried lots and lots of other products before, and they work to some extent, but I found this to be the best because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed after I use it, and very clean. It keeps my skin from feeling greasy or oily throughout the day, and If Im going out at night a quick wash with the exfoliator and I'm ready to go. I like the menthol in it too because it gives my skin a refreshing cool feeling that really helps to wake me up in the morning. I have found that since using this product I have had way less problems with acne, especially stubborn black heads. I try to use it a couple of times every week and feel great every time I do!


Syracuse, NY


Avon Face exfoliator

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