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Avon ExtraLasting Liquid Foundation SPF 12

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Stays on just fine


I'm a person with oily skin and **Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation **is one of 2 foundations that I have found that stays on and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!  (The other is made by Maxfactor). I use **Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation **most often.  This is a lightweight foundation that glides on easily.  I love the fact that it's not thick and pancakey.  I typically wear a matte-type cream (a.k.a. oil absorber) before I put on my foundation and when I do this I notice that the foundation doesn't glide on as easily.  All you have to do in this case is dampen your makeup sponge before putting the foundation on it. I get a nice smooth finish every time. **Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation** has a built-in primer for smooth, flawless medium-to-full coverage. Sweat-proof, humidity-proof, transfer-proof. 1 fl. oz. I can say that I live in a very humid climate and this foundation stays on all day long.  I really don't want to pay a lot of money for makeup (who does?) and this foundation is very affordable through Avon's website.  I tend to use a collage of different brands when it comes to my entire makeup line but I've been a lover of Avon products since I was a kid.

Houston, TX


Avons Perfect Wear Foundation Covers Up For You


Avon, well known for their makeup line, carries a wide variety for your needs. I chose a particular product to try which was called Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation with SPF15 in it. Whew, say that name 3 times fast..Ha Ha! The foundation comes in different shades and it is easy to see what shade would best suit you as they match to your skin type. The different shades are shown in the Avon book and you can go by that to get as close as you can for you foundation and it works well this way. The foundation came in and was delivered to my door. How nice not to have to go to a store and pick and choose there. I decided to try this as soon as the sales representative left. The glass bottle shows the color through so you can be sure its the one you wanted. Yes, it matched my skin tone very well. I applied this foundation by using the small dot system... a dot of foundation on the forehead, one on the chin and one on each cheek. Then I proceeded to blend it in. It covered my blemishes and gave my face a warm glow. I have used this product so much taht my bottle is now empty and I have to buy more. If it don't work well, I won't go back and buy it again but this did the trick. It is humidy and sweat proof so you are good to go out in the sun.

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY




I got Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation SPF 15 at an AVON retail store overseas, where I wanted to buy a familiar brand in a very unfamiliar world. I used a whole bottle of Perfect Wear, but was glad when I could switch back to the foundations I usually use. I prefer foundations that feel like lotion; this one seemed to feel like painting my face. It didn't spread well, or evenly, and I couldn't seem to find the right shade for my skin tone. There are other Avon foundations and I have not tried them all, so I don't want to dog the Avon name-I just didn't care for this particular foundation. It definitely worked fine as far as the SPF-15 was concerned, I just didn't like the texture of it. The price is reasonable, as most Avon products are, especially compared to other make-up brands. I imagine the higher priced Avon foundations would work better, as obviously, we get what we pay for.

Fairfield, VA


The best foundation I've ever worn.


This foundation is absolutely amazing! It is very light but has excellent coverage. It doesn't sweat off either! A lot of drug store brands have a yellow tinge to them, but this foundation blends perfectly without looking "make-upy". It has SPF 15 mixed in to help your skin looking great for years to come. This product doesn't cause my acne to act up and it covers the pimples very naturally and all day long. It doesn't dry out skin either so it would be wonderful for dry skin as well as oily. I love this foundation!

Newark, OH


Avon Perfect Wear is one of the best liquid makeup I have found.


I used to use nothing but Clinique until I began using this Avon perfect wear makeup. I can honestly tell you that when using this makeup my face has never felt better. It doe not have a heavy feeling at all. It also will last all day long as the Clinique did, but for 1/2 the cost. Truly I thought I would never change makeup as I had used Clinque for the last 8 years, but I did. The coverage is wonderful for someone with not so perfect skin. I have break outs all the time, even at 34 years old. This makeup is the best I have found so far.

Piedmont, SC


Avon ExtraLasting Liquid Foundation SPF 12

4.4 5