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Avon Cool Confidence Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Original

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good product for the price


This product by Avon is inexpensive and the original works great at controlling both body odor and perspiration. I am not a fan of scented deodorants but I like the original scent. I tend to only like unscented products in deodorants. The cool confdence line is mainly for women. It is a roll on. the deodorant dries fast and I have not had a problem with marks left on my clothing. This is a HUGE plus for me as I hate when deodorants leave white marks behind on clothing. I also like that this deodorant is sold at a very good price and Avon often has sales on their deodorant so I tend to stock up on them. The downside is that you have to get these deodorants from an Avon representative or purchase them online. Overall, this product does a very good job at controlling perspiration and body odor while being gentle on the skin and pocket book. Good product that delivers.



Be fresh and stay fresh


Your personal Avon Sales Representative here signing in for the one and only product that no one can go without.  What is this you ask?  A must have in every household of course is the fabulous Avon Cool Confidence Original Scent Deodorant that keeps you fresh and deodorized throughout most of the day.  Unless you are a vigorous exerciser that sweats a lot during your daily or weekly exercise rotuine please use a stronger type of deodorant such as Ladies or Men Speedstick.  The Avon Cool Confidence Original Scent Deodorant is only for the use of those men and women who have light days that they can apply the product after a quick afternoon shower or right before bed after a long, hot, bath.  The Avon scent is not a strong scent and does not leave a residue on your clothes.  it does not flake and really has a cool type of feel after being applied under the arm.  I strongly recommend this product to women and men who need a light deodorant that won't weigh or boggle them down.

Atlanta, GA


Not my favorite but controls odor and wetness pretty well.


***Quick View:*** I am not a heavy perspirer but I always wear deodorant to avoid any odors or wetness that may crop up.** Avon Cool Confidence Original Scent Deodorant** is a very inexpensive roll on deodorant that works well for me although I don't prefer roll ons because they feel wet. ***My Take on Avon Cool Confidence Original Scent Deodorant*** This roll on comes in a squat plastic container with a big ball on the top. The scent is fresh and clean but not overwhelming. To use, just roll the product over your underarms a couple of times. It does go on somewhat wet and I don't like that. It can be a bit sticky if I put my arms down immediately after I apply it. The product does dry quickly though and, once it does, it doesn't flake, show on clothes, or leave white marks on my skin. **Avon Cool Confidence Original Scent Deodorant** controls odor (as far as I can tell) and most wetness. When I workout, I will get a bit of break through wetness but that's to be expected and sweating is a good thing. For daily use, this product works fine for me. It is not my favorite since I like invisible solids best but it works pretty well in all. For 89 cents, how can I complain? ***My Take on Avon Cool Confidence Original Scent Deodorant*** This product smells fresh and work fine for average people. That is, those who don't perspire very heavily. The price certainly is right and the scent is clean. I give this ***4 stars***. If you like roll ons, this one is an inexpensive and good choice.

The heart of , NY


Avon Cool Confidence Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Original

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