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Avon Completely Clean Cleansing Cloths

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Avon Completely Clean Cleansing Cloth was easy scrub cloths


Avon Completely Clean Cleansing Cloths made my skin so soft & clean , it also helped my complection and helped my skin looked and felt smoothe Effectiveness made complection much better and skin soft and made skin very noticeable & clear , if they had where you would have for easy payments Ease of Application Avon Completely Clean Cleansing Cloths were the easiest and softest and they are very gentle on the surface and helped clear my acne up , i would recomend this product to friends and family and anyone else i came in contact with in the future , if they were to offer it in other scents and my different types of skin and it they had them in wet napsacks where you could carry them in your purse or briefcase or a overnight back Scent Avon Completely Clean Cleansing Cloths was a very refreshing scent and calming and cooling , it was the best product from avon i had ever used in my whole entire life and i would certainly use it in the future ,




Avon Completely Clean Cleansing cloths are a travelers must have


Avon Completely Clean Cleansing cloths are a travelers must have product! Portable, just throw them in the suitcase and no worries about airport security and away you go! Not ony are they portable the work too! Not too drying not too moisturizing can be used  but all skin types and even work ok on sensitive skin.  They are one of my favorite things to have on hand for spur of the moment trips! I think when they are not on sale the are a bit pricy so when they do place them on sale I try to stock up on them as I normally do not use them everyday...only keep them on hand when I travel.  I have cut them in two when pinched for money but do not feel that they are effective if you do not use them as intended. So far it has been one of the best traveler products I have ever found..I have even used the cloths to wash the rest of me when I was in hotels as I do not like the harshness of the wash cloths in hotel rooms  


Tucson, AZ


They work great!


**I am rating this on my moms input.  She works in an Automotive factory and in the summer even the winter it gets terribly hot and sweaty, greasy and dirty.She bought these from AVON, from me, and she was just telling me how much she loves them and how they really get the grease and dirt off out of your face.She just LOVES them. Works great**


Hesperia, MI


Nice, but nothing special.


I like the convenience of this, and all other facial cloths.  This one is just as nice as the others, but is nothing special.  The downside of it is that since it comes from Avon, you have to wait for it to come in and be delivered.  I don't think it's worth all of that, I just go to my store and get whatever brand is on sale.  They all seem the same to me.


Jacksonville, NC


I love these!


They are very sudsy & get the makeup off! Including mascara! I cut them in half to stretch them and 1/2 does the job. I definitely recommend to those who wear makeup since this keeps your washclothes from getting stained up with makeup."


Mission Viejo, CA


Avon Completely Clean Cleansing Cloths

4.6 5