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Avon Clearskin Professional Invisible Blemish Treatment

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Very effective and great at absorbing oil


I have used this Avon Clear Skin acne treatment for quite some time now. I have found it to be the most effective spot treatment I have ever used. When I have a zit, I dab a bit of this on the blemish, and it is usually dried up by the following day. Sometimes it will take a few days of reapplying if it's a really stubborn zit, but after the first application it will shrink and redness will go down considerably. I have also used this product in a different way. Before a big event, when I know I'll need perfect skin, I apply a thin layer all over my face. Usually T-zone and cheeks, but not near the eyes or mouth. I'll put this on before I go to bed, after I've cleansed my skin thoroughly. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks clear, no redness is present, and there is no oil. I swear, it is a miracle product! It will feel like a slight film on the skin if you use it all over like I do, but you can wash it off if you're not comfortable with that. I don't recommend using it all over like that every single day, but you can use it as a spot treatment every single day if you have normal skin like I do. It is reasonably priced, and very easy to use, great product!



I love the Invisible Blemish Treatment!


I tried out this product, just to see if it would do what it said it would, and it DID! the blemish was gone within 6 hours of me putting it on, and it was almost invisible within 1 hour.  I love it so much, I am planning on buying more so I never run out.

Indianapolis, IN


Avon Clearskin Professional Invisible Blemish Treatment

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