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Acne Facial Cleansers
Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Cleanser

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This product damaged my skin I wouldn't recommend it!


I had to go to see the pharmacist after using this product. I don't have sensitive skin and use various cleansers, etc., on the market, however the following day after using the cleanser, my face swelled up and I felt as though my skin had been burned. I followed the instructions on the application and didn't leave it on any longer than the indicated time. The pharmacist was very concerned and suggested I use Hayfever Relief tablets for a week and E45 cream to relieve the itching. 5 days later - my skin is now peeling off and is extremely dry - and I have a nasty rash around my lips and in the area of my neck. I would not recommend this product at all and have sent an email to Avon raising my concerns. Side Effects Swollen face, itchy skin, rash around my lips and neck area, what is concerning is I don't suffer skin allergies, nor do I have sensitive skin!




Love, love, love Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Cleanser!


I have been using this product for about a year now and I LOVE it! It is actually gentle enough that you can use it everyday if you want/need to. I use it about twice a week. I have problems with acne mostly on my chin. I have found this product to be very helpful in controling my outbreaks. I use it all over in the shower and then rinse it off with warm water after about 30 seconds. I really like this product because I have combination skin (some areas are dry and others are oily) and it does not dry out my skin or cause it to become more oily either. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an affordable treatment method for their acne!


Resaca, GA


Better than ProActiv!


I am 24 years old and I suffer from moderate acne - especially around that time of the month! I get all kinds - blackheads, whiteheads, and those awful below-the-skin-bumps that are so painful! I've tried almost everything - just about every product/brand sold in the average megamart or grocery store, ProActiv, even a few very expensive cleansers. Basically, the expensive ones aren't worth your time and money - most of them contain the same active ingredients that the grocery store brands have. And ProActiv is first. But many users report that, after continued usage, the product doesn't work very well any longer. It worked for me for a few months and then it was no longer effective and I was forced to find something that actually DOES work. So I turned to Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser. It was on sale and I figured, "Why not?" It's not expensive at all - even when it's not on sale. The first thing I noticed was the scent - it was very clean and crisp, not like a normal cleanser at all. It basically does everything it says - at first, it minimizes the redness, which was very noticeable to me. It dried up my existing acne within a few days. I still get acne, especially at that time of the month, but it's worked better for me than anything else. It really does dry up my oily skin - so bad that sometimes I have to use a moisturizer! And I feel that it works faster than any other cleanser I've used before.


Harlan, IA


Decent not bad but not good


Avon is a product that I took a risk and stab at probably 2 years ago and I can't say that it was great but I can't say it was bad either. It was one of those products that are so-so and don't seem to really affect you negatively but at the same time doesn't really affect you positively. My skin enver got really dry from using the cleanser but it never felt exactly clean afterwards. Instead I was left with a filmy layer on my skin and a somewhat pleasant smell. Honestly I think i enjoyed the smell the most about this cleanser and I don't think that is something you really care about when shopping for facial cleansers. You want something that will clean well but not leave the face dry and this product isn't exactly like that. of course everyone's skin is unique so take my review with a grain of salt. Make sure to go out there and try it if you need a change in routine or are filling adventurous. Give it a shot.


Davis, CA


Avon Clearskin Is Amazing!


This product is really amazing. It cleared up my acne in about a week and kept it gone. I still had the occasional small breakout around my period, but nothing large and nothing that lasted more than a few days. It is very gentle on the skin and much better than the other brand I have tried. It can be used every night with no trouble. You only need to use a little bit at a time so the bottles last a good couple of months. It did dry my skin out a little, but this was easily resolved with a light moisturizer afterwards. It is extremely effective if ou also use the Avon spot treatment with it. This gel is blue, but it rubs on white and the color rinses off completely leaving a clean, healthy, glowing face. I used this product for months and my skin was the clearest it has ever been. The only reason I quit using this product was because it is hard to get up with my Avon lady. This product is much better than its more expensive counterparts such as Biore, which I am currently using. Highly reccommended!


Cedar Bluff, VA


Great for the chest and back too


This is fabulous product not only for the face, but for the chest and back as well.  It clears skin without too much drying.  The little beads in it leave the skin gently exfoliated and with a cool feeling.  Works well on sensitive skin.


Kansas City, MO


Clearskin Gives a Great Tingly Feeling!


I love this Immediate Response Acne Cleanser from Avon, however not for its acne clearing ability. This cleanser feels absolutely wonderful on the skin and gives it a great clean feeling after use. When using it feels slightly tingly and I can feel the oils lift from my face. This product also has a great smell! I use this product frequently and it feels great on my skin, but it does not do a very good job of clearing my acne. This may or may not be due to the fact that I have pretty severe acne on my face, but you would think that something like this with a high Salicylic Acid content would be more effective on the acne. Sadly, it hardly makes a difference when I use it. Even though it does not clear my skin like I hoped it would, I still find the product nice to use and fun. Not to mention the fact that it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth for a while after use. Teenagers would definitely enjoy using this product as well because of its "cool blue" color and nice scent.


Pardeeville, WI


Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser not for me


 I am an adult who occasionally gets a few break outs from time to time especially around the time Mother Nature loves to pay me a visit. I can honestly say that I have always loved Avon's products. That is until I tried Avon's Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser.  I was eager to try this product as soon as I got it in.  I immediately went up to the bathroom to cleanse my face.  The next morning as I awoke I did not notice any significance in my skin.  I thought nothing of it, so I cleansed my face again that morning and evening.  On the second day, no change.  I thought to myself, well there goes the immediate response I was expecting. I still kept using the product since it had the Avon name on it.  On the third day, my face was so dry.  It was painful to even crack a smile.  My face was also the red.  I immediately stopped using the product and I threw the remainder of it in t he trash can.


Cleveland, OH


Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser was not for me.


Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser was not for me. I am 27 years old and as I've gotten a little bit older, I have become prone to having oily skin. I have had somewhat of a hard time finding the right products to use. Most skin products either leave my skin feeling more oily, or dry it out to the point where it's flaking or even peeling. With that being said, I LOVE alot of Avon products. So, naturally I wanted to try Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser. I used it a couple of times to see if my skin would adapt but unfortunately it didn't. When using it to wash my face, I didn't get that "tingly" feeling that usually lets me know the wash is doing what I need it to. Despite that fact, I continued to use it hoping I would see a difference. It did not make my skin worse, however it also didn't make it any better. My skin remained oily and I had just as many breakouts while using this.


Phillipsburg, NJ


Avon's Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser SUCKS!!!!


I used Avon's Clearskin Immediate Response Acne Cleanser for almost 6 months and  my acne only got worse. My face was constantly oily and that would make it hard for me to go out in public. Even after washing my face 3 times daily my face would still be full of acne and EXTREMELY oily!


Pequot Lakes, MN


Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Cleanser

3.6 24