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Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Spot Treatment

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Avon's Clear Skin Immediate Response Treatment saved my skin!


I am very impressed with Avon's Clear Skin Immediate Response Treatment. I have very acne prone skin and tend to breakout with cystic acne during peak times of the month. I have used numerous other products, including over-the-counter medication like Clean and Clear, Clearasil, etc. I also was put on prescriptive products from my dermatologist for a year or so, like Differin and Benzaclin. Those products helped the first week I used them, and did not help with fading any previous acne scars. As for this product, I was skeptical at first, as with all other acne products I have used, since they only seem to work the first week for me. However, I applied the treatment along with the cleanser and toner the first night I received them. The next day, the bumps had gone done drastically. Most dermatologists would say there is no such thing as a miracle spot treatment. I would say so otherwise! I have been using this everyday for the past two weeks and even my scars from years ago have started to fade. For me, this has saved my skin and has simply been an overnight wonder for an incredibly low price. I will definitely continue to buy this product.

Hattiesburg, MS


Works great!!


I have used Avon products for most of my life as my grandma was an Avon lady when I was growing up. When I was a teenager she bought me the whole line of clearskin products and Clearskin Immediate Response Spot Treatment worked wonders then and I have recently purchased it again and it has proven itself over and over again. If I notice a blemish I just put a little dab on and usually by the next day it is remarkably improved if not gone. Sometimes if it is really bad I will put the spot treatment on more than once a day, although the directions do say to see how it affects your skin first to make sure you do not dry your skin out too much. I have noticed that it can do this if used too much but I will still be using it as it works miracles on my blemishes. I have also noticed that it can peel off after it dries and I wonder if this affects the performance of the product but it still seems to take care of the blemish so if it does it can't be too bad.

Tooele, UT


It dries the pimples!!!


Hi, everone, I am here to write about Clearasil Clearskin Imediate Spot Treatment. I use it alot, about 3 times a week or more. I would take a long bath to open up my pores and I would use Ivory soap on my face or alot I wouuld use the Clearasil wash. I would wash my face with a wash cloth, nothing to hard, you can use a soft wash cloth. You do not want to use a hard cloth because if you are to hard to you face, you are just going to make you pimples come out faster. So I use a soft wash cloth and wash my face then I get out and dry my face softly, like I said being hard on your face will only get your face more pimplely. Well I will then put on the Clearasil Clearskin Immediate Spot Treatment. If your face is really bad I would use it once a ady until it dried up totally. Just try not to pop your pimples because if you do it wrong you are just going to make your pimples worse! A true fact,, Did you know that what you use on you face , in 1 about 13 days , it will show up on your face with more pimples.

Baltimore, MD


A Spot treatment which makes the difference and really works


*The Clearskin immediate Response Spot Treatment is a Great product. I use it and have purchased several to keep on hand. My son uses it as well. Follow the directions and you will be even more happy with this product. * I have acne since my teens and since I have gone through menopause it has subsided, However when I do break out, it is always a Big Zit, painful and it fights me the whole way. I highly recommend this product to people who have a couple of breakouts and who will actually work with the product as well.  It is a Avon product and they always have it on sale. It is a workable price and easy to use. It does apply clear and you do NOT need a whole lot. A dab really does do it. If time is given, wash your face, apply to troubled areas and then peel off a few hours later. Use again.  It is a process and in a day it can be a troubled area chased away. I hope you enjoy this product and it works a well for you :-)

Gresham, OR


Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Spot Treatment

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