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Avon Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Daily Astringent

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a descent toner but is not effective in clearing blackheads


I have tried Avon's Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating toner along with Avon's other blackhead eliminating products. When I purchased it the toner was very inexpensive and I thought I would give it a try. I have acne prone skin and blackheads around my nose that are difficult to remove. At first I applied the toner to my entire face, but after a few days my face got a little dry and irritated so I stopped and began applying the toner only to my problem areas, particularly around my nose. I used to daily for about 3 weeks and saw no change in the appearance of my blackheads. I really saw no difference between this toner are other acne toners. One positive is that it does not have a overpowering or lingering scent and for the price the bottle size is big and it lasts a while. Overall, feel like it is a descent toner but is not effective in what it advertises its supposed to do, clear blackheads.




Just as ineffective as most astringent, not worth the money.


The only thing this product has done to my skin is make it overproduce oils. Effectiveness Like every other astringent I have used, this one is even less effective than soap and water. Ease of Application It's easy to put on, but that is the only good thing about it. Convenience I have always thought that gels and creams were more convenient than liquids. Liquids spill, children mistake them for water, they drip into eyes and mouth. Not a good deal. Side Effects The same as every other astringent, I suppose: my skin tingles and stings for hours after application. Immediacy This product is easy to put on, but completely worthless.




Best. Product. Ever.


There should be a rule that wrinkles and pimples can NEVER be allowed to show up on the same face, lol! However, since there isn't, those two things often appear at the same time, leaving us with a bit of a skin care dilemma: how to treat acne without overdrying the skin. This product is the best answer I have found. I swear my skin can't live without it! I use it religiously in the morning and in the evening after washing my face and before moisturizer. I've tried other products, but most acne products are way too drying, leaving me with dry flaky skin AND pimples. NOT a pretty look! This product keeps my adult acne under control without irritating my skin. It also has a nice, fresh, clean scent that is very pleasant to use--kind of an added bonus. It's very moderately priced, and often on sale in the Avon brochures. My Avon rep even knows to alert me when this product goes on sale so I can stock up. I highly recommend this!!     


Andalusia, IL


Avon Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Daily Astringent

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