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Avon Black Suede Cologne Spray

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Mysterious, Alluring, Lingering Scent


Black Suede Cologne Spray is a popular cologne made for the men in our lives. You can only find this particular scent by purchasing it from an Avon Distributor. If you enjoy the clean, fresh scent of leather with the outdoor clean undertones that are hiding in this, it may be something you would want to pick up for the special man in your life. The scent has a wonderful lingering appeal which draws you to it and seems like you can't get enough of this scent. Made for a man, but enjoyed by women, this can be found pretty much year round from Avon. Affordable and desireable are two wonderful words for my pocketbook. Used in moderation, this cologne has an oriental, mystic about it and not much is needed as the scent follows it's wearer. I recommend this to any man who wants to be alluring to any woman. Or for any woman to give a man with very distinct taste. Alluring and mysteriously delicious scented for the man with a unique taste for leather.


Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Black Suede Men's Cologne is smooth & classy


Avon Black Suede Men's Cologne is velvety smooth with sexy undertones and as classy as any more expensive department store brand.   Most men & women love this classic men's fragrance as soon as they try it!


Kissimmee, FL


Black Suede The Perfect Man For Me


**Black Suede is the MAN!** Hmm when I think of black suede I kind of drift off to the fastest horse you know, the stallion. The scent of the fragrance in my nostrils on my man makes me want to ride him all night long! This is such a great product! The minute I smelled him I fell in love with him, the scent not my man even though I love my man too. If the scent of Black suede was a man I just might marry him. This product plays a dramatic role he is definately groomed for the part. Black Suede is cloned into many different handsome products. If they  were men I could have myself a ball with them all. One of them walks around  naked in a black hat it has a see through 3.4 fl. oz thick Cologne Spray bottle with a black top, the other one is a very nice thin size bottle of After Shave Conditioner, he carries around 3.4 fl. oz as well, this one is 1.7 fl. oz. of Roll-On Anti Perspirant Deoderant, and the last one is pretty tall and made of 5 fl. oz of Hair and Body Wash. If you would like to find this clone piece together they will be hanging out at Club Avon just relaxing and standing around waiting for someone to pick them up for a good time. Pick up Mr. Black Suede Cologne Spray because he has such a rich, smooth scent with sweet mossy tones and spicy accents you'll find him standing up against a background of amber, woods & musk. Mr. Hair and body wash loves the shower he will Lather you from head to toe with the masculine scent of Black Suede that lasts throughout the day and into the night. Start the day off with Mr.Anti-Perspirant Deodorant that will keep you dry and smelling fresh throughout the busy day. New larger roll-on applies easier and provides 50% more coverage and 24-hour wetness protection. Non-sticky, quick-drying, non-whitening, anti-stain formula. Mr. After Shave goes well with Mr. Deoderant perfect business partners you will have a ball with your new man.  Buy this product for your man and enjoy all of these men together in one place. You won't regret it, Get them in singles or buy them all together in one place, Avon is always having a sale on all of these 4 products as a gift if your interested in this product get black suede for your man, friend or someone you would like to stay close to, I like other fragrances from Avon for men, but I love the fragrance of black suede.


Norristown, PA


Avon Black Suede Cologne Spray

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