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Avon Be Blushed Cheek Color

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I love Avon be blushed cheek color!! I was introduced to it by my grandmother who is a frequent Avon shopper! It comes in a tube kind of like lip stick, it looks really cool! It goes on very easily and doesn't require the use of a brush like with the powdery blush. This one I just glide it right onto my cheeks. It gives me a nice subtle but noticeable blush on my cheeks that looks really natural. It doesn't get oily and it doesn't smear or get flaky or anything throughout the day, it lasts all day and maintains it's color and looks natural all day. It is also very portable because it comes in a tube and doesn't require the blush brush to apply so any necessary touch ups are simple! A little bit of this blush goes a long way so this blush is definitely worth the price because it lasts so long! I'm still on my first tube after a few months but I will definitely purchase more when I run out!



Be Blushed Cheek Color lives in my purse!


I bought a tube of this on a friend's recommendation, and I am SOO glad I did! I always tried to use powder blush before and would get it completely off balance, or darker on one side than the other....it just never worked out well.  This blush being in a stick enables me to draw on myself exactly where I want it, and then work in the direction I want! I love the creaminess of the blush, I have oily skin but it works perfectly with it and does not break me out.  I love the colors too, they seem like they might be too dark or stark, but they blend completely into your skin and just enhance your coloring!  I've tried the mandarin, the plum, and one of the pinks. (I can't remember the name of the pink one, I preferred the plum!)    The stick lasts a LONG time, and holds up very well being stored in a heavy-use purse!  It's been left out in the heat and still perfect!  There's nothing bad I can think of about this product and I definitely recommend it!

Shawnee, OK


Avon Be Blushed Cheek Color

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