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Avon Basics Vita Nourish Face Cream

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I buy Avon Basics Vita in bulk!


I have been using this for years.  It feels great on the skin and the fragrance is light and pleasant.  After I wash my face, it can feel tight.  Especially after I've used warm water.  So I put this on at night before bed, after I have cleaned my face.  It immediately makes my skin feel soft and no longer tight.  It soaks into the skin quickly and doesn't feel heavy or leave a film on my face which is a plus.  I also use this more frequently in the winter when my face feels dry or before going outside in really cold weather.  It seems to work well to prevent chapping and wind burn.  Like I said, the smell is pleasant but not overpowering.  My husband has even used this on occasion and he never uses any product on his face.  He doesn't like heave scents or heavy creams because he has oily skin.  So the fact that he uses at all says a lot!  The last time I ordered this I got it on sale and ordered probably 8 jars of the stuff.  I'm hoping for another good sale to restock :)  Would be nice if this had SPF in it but for now I will stick to using it at night.

Reston, VA


Vita Nourish is one of the best moisturizers for dry skin


I just answered a question on the best mositurizer for sensative skin and thought I'd share my response here. I've tried a dozen moisturizers over the last 30 years and have always come back to Avon's Vita Nourish use to be call Vita Moist. Just to give you a background. The only way I was my face is with a warm wash clothe to slough off the dead skin cells and any dirt from overnight. After doing this my skin feels so tight that I have to use a moisturizer on it and have always come back to Avon's product. This is one of the founding avon products and is one that doesn't upset my delicate skin. I love the feel of this stuff, it's rich and creamy and once it goes into the skin it's gone. there's no greasy feel no shine just smooth soft skin. the only con for this product is that it does not contain a sunscreen. Living in Florida I need that protection but until I can find a product like Vita Nourish I'll just have to try and stay out of the sun.

Oldsmar, FL


great daily face cream


Avon basics vita nourish,  was once Avon basics vita moist.    I love this product!   I have  severly dry skin and i wear make everyday and my face dries out often. I have tried several face creams and nothing worked, my friend started selling avon and got me hooked. I started using this cream when it was called vita moist not sure why they changed the name everything else is the same.  after just 1wk of use i noticed my skin was starting to look more refreshed it wasnt as dry, so i kept using it in with in a month my face was soft and radiant. i felt years younger. It is defiently a must have.  I have been using it now everyday for 2yrs and just absolutly love it.  Love it so much i started selling Avon myself and recommend it to all my customers when asking for face cream.  its great for all seasons and climates.       please give this wonderful product a try 100% satisfaction guarnteed or your money back no questions asked     If you or anyone you know is interested in buying or selling avon please contact me at                                                                              

Englewood, CO


Avon Basics Vita Nourish Face Cream

5.0 3