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Avon Basics
Avon Basics Care Deeply with Aloe Lip Balm

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A Basic Lip Balm with Mediocre Results


Recently, I was purchasing some cosmetics at *Avon.com*, and I needed to spend another 85 cents to qualify for free shipping.  I decided to add a 99-cent tube of lip balm to my shopping cart to put me over the minimum.  I selected a tube of **Avon Basics Care Deeply with Aloe Lip Balm **simply because it had mostly positive reviews and it was the right price.  Now that I've had a chance to use it for awhile, I admit to finding it a little underwhelming. **Avon Basics Care Deeply with Aloe Lip Balm **usually comes in a standard white-and-green package.  However, the one I bought was a special "Calendar" edition complete with the tiniest, most unreadable calendar I've ever seen.  Even if I were interested in using the package as a working calendar, I ripped it apart trying to get the lip balm open.  The plastic doesn't have a perforated edge so I ended up cutting the wrapper with a pair of scissors. Once I was actually able to use the lip balm, the first thing I noticed is that the texture is soft and a little greasy. Even with the added aloe, it didn't feel nearly as moisturizing as Avon's Moisture Therapy lip balm.  There's no SPF protection in this balm, and really no compelling reason for me to ever purchase it again. All in all, **Avon Basics Care Deeply with Aloe Lip Balm **is a basic product that's not awful, but not anything to get excited about either.  Next time, I'll spend the extra 50 cents and buy their [ Intensive Moisture Therapy lip balm][1] .  In my opinion, it's a much better lip balm for the money. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Avon-MOISTURE-THERAPY-Intensive-Moisturizing-Lip-Treatment-Balm-SPF-15-review-69e34


Chicagoland, IL


Avon Care Deeply Lip Balm beats ALL others - trust me.


My mother used to sell Avon for many years so I got to try everything from bubble baths  - lotions - makeup - fragrances - to whatever Avon had to offer in their catalog; which was alot of fun all thruout my childhood to high school years. I always helped her pack her orders in those white paper bags and throw in the samples. Coming from the cold states of Minnesota & South Dakota I had chapped lips year around. Chapstick is nothing more than putting plain wax on your lips. Carmex tastes yucky and burns your lips . If you want to eat it makes your food taste horrible. I can't remember when Avon came out with Care Deeply with aloe lip balm but this is the only thing I will use when it comes to taking care of my lips. I usually buy 2 at a time just so I don't run out. Outdoor things from ice fishing - to hot summer days - to riding on a motorcycle can dry your lips out tremendously. Usually around .89 cents a tube you can't go wrong!! 


Las Vegas, NV


Avon Basics Care Deeply with Aloe Lip Balm

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