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Avon BASICS Vita Moist Hand Cream

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Only need a small drop


Winter is here and dry skin is back.  Most lotions I try are great at first, or I have to use half of the bottle.  With Avon Vita Moist Hand Lotion I only need a very small dime size amount for both hands.  My hands feel moist hours later and I don't have to reapply over and over.  I have also used it on my dry elbows too.  It works great.  Great price too.  Well worth its money. It does not have a strong frgrance so it is good for people who do not like smelly lotions.  Most lotions that work are the non fragrance ones.  My elbows are no longer black and dry. They look great.  My hands are not cracking.  Since I only have to use a small amount I am getting great deal for my money.  The quality of this product it excellent and should be valued more.  If you are suffering from dry skin definately get this lotion.  It is like sliding a glove over your hand and having them protected for the rest of the day.

Elgin, MN


Not just for your hands!


Avon Vita Moist Hand Lotion is awesome.  I know it's called hand lotion, but I use it all over.  It's thicker than the body lotion and I LOVE it!  It's on sale at a reduced price (or combo deal) at least every other month.  Most lotions conain too much fragrance for me, but the Vita Moist lotion has a very subtle scent.  It lasts all day, but it won't over power you.  You should really try it!

Tulsa, OK


Avon BASICS Vita Moist Hand Cream

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