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Avon BASICS Rich Moisture Face Cream

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excellent moisturizing facial cream


I use this product with avons facial wash then mask then finish up with this moisturizer for a much better rejuvenated face and they have specials now and then so I can get all my avon products on sale. It works best if you use it in a facial and it being the last step to doing my facial. Effectiveness I am amazed how wonderful my skin feels after I use this moisturizer and when I use it as a follow up after the other facial products it works even better. All my dry facial areas are moisturizes and not flaky dry with this moisturizer and its mild so its a good product for me because I have sensitive skin. Ease of Application This is a piece of cake to apply after my shower I just rub in a small amount to the troubled dry spots on my face and the dry patches are gone. Scent I love that this product is mild and the scent is also very mild which helps me because I have sensitive skin and am sensitive to some higher scented products.




Can't live without it!


A good moisturizer is hard to find so when you do find one you know to hang onto it for dear life. If Avon ever stops making this, which I don't think they will because it is very popular, I would probably write and call them obsessively until they brought it back. Try it for yourself and you will see what I am talking about. You will fall in love, I guarantee it!


Dearborn Heights, MI


Something that finally works


I never ever use creams on my face due to breaking out and i haven't found a product that works til now. First my skin is dry and when i try face creams its greasy and doesn't work. I bought Avon basics Rich moisture face cream and WOW! I can feel a difference and I don't break out. My face has never been so soft. The only thing i don't like is the smell..i guess I'm used to flowerly fruity scents but I can deal cause this stuff works. I'll be stocking up on this product for sure.  


Westminster, CO


Avon BASICS Rich Moisture Face Cream

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