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Avon Anew Luminosity Ultra Advanced Skin Brightener SPF15 AM

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I've been very disappointed in the past with products that claimed to even out skin tone, fade dark spots, etc., only to be left with unchanged skin and less money in my wallet. I purchased ANEW LUMINOSITY ULTRA Advanced Skin Brightener from an Avon Representative I know, and had high hopes because I've been very happy with my Anew purchases thus far. However, something inside remained a bit skeptical only because of my past, failed experiences concerning my dark spots. On fair skin, they REALLY show up. Well, I didn't know if it was just me, but I started seeing a much more even skin tone in the mirror after about a week. I felt and saw a difference right away, but it was far more significant after a week. It especially works great with the Vitamin C Serum also, I apply that at night. I have finally found products that work for my skin at this age and all of them are from Avon. My face is much softer and I love the feel. And my face glows. love this product


Daytona Beach, FL


I LOVE AVON LUMINOSITY don't want to live without it


Avon ANew Luminosity Ultra Advanced Skin Brightener is one of Avons best kept secrets!  You have to watch for the advertised sales from your avon rep to find out when they are selling it or it is not available....That is the only thing I think I do not like about purchasing items from AVON.... The product does help to make your skin look more like it did when you were younger...I cannot wear make up every day due to my sensitive skin.  If I use this product regularly my skin tone is more even so I do not have to wear make up everday! and the added benefit is the softness I feel in my skin! you cannot beat that! the only thing I could say I do not like is limited availablity and the cost....IT Is not the least costly beauty aid I have ever used!.  I hate to pay a lot of money on creams and lotions! But  because it does do what it says it will do I am willing to pay more  because it lives up to its claims1


Tucson, AZ


it is a delightful product!


i am a beauty Diva through and through.  And I have fallen in love with Avons Anew luminosity ultra advanced Skin Brightner! I am a woman of color and from time to time my skin gets uneven and sometimes even somewhat blotchy. and since I especially don't like to use fade creams and although I have tried a few creams on the market that makes a claim to illuminate the skin. In the past I had used several skin brightning products that failed to do what I think of as justice to skin brightening.  I had used Avons Anew line for around 7 months and was estatic with the results.  And so I descided to give the Avon Anew Luminosity Ultra Advanced Brightner a try.  I figured what could it hurt?  Right? And lo and behold, right away--that is to say after two weeks-- with this products it was as if my skin was suddenly lit from within with an etheral inner light! IN a months time it seened that anyone and everyone was moved to comment on how radiant my skin looked. Of course I noticed as much myself and was very very pleased at the results of the products. I also liked the fact that it had SPF and UV protection, as I think it makes sense to get as much protection as possible out of one product. All in all I am very happy with the product and in general delighted to have found the entire Anew line of products.


Brooklyn, NY


Avon Anew Luminosity Ultra Advanced Skin Brightener SPF15 AM

4.3 3