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Avon Anew Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum

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Avon ANEW Clinical Derma-Full x3 facial filling Serum works!


  Just turning 37 this yr! This serum does work and I find it hard to believ that anyone would think it doesn't? usually, an unhappy review means that this person was expecting way too much, too soon or thought they would look like they are 20 or something like that. You need to use any product for a month to be fair. I noticed a better look to my skin right away and it looks better and better after long term use. One reason I think it works even better is because I have used Retin A micro for 8 months. Which, is tried and true in cell turn over, ersasing (decreasing) sun damage and acne, scars etc... Now that my skin has been treated with RX RETIN A, Avons products work even better (it soaks in) When I wake up I do look better after using the  AVON Anew Full force 3x serum. **Note:** I only use the serum **OR** retin A at night, **not both **at the same time on top of one another. Some people use a dab here and there during the day under makeup. I would let the serum soak in for 15minutes to an hour though, to receive the best plumping effect. A little goes a very long way! So, the review that said it felt sticky may be using too much. Don't 4-get  to use it for a month at least. My gosh people get something and use it for one night or even a week and give up!  You also need to be cleansing your skin morning and before bed. I just use plain old Nutrogena (fragrane free) glycerin bar and it's very inexpensive. It's also very gentle and gets off dirt and makeup. Thumbs up to Avon for being on the cutting edge and for the pretty packaging. I have to admit I appreciate their effort and research. It's too bad not enough people know AVON is modern and they are right up there against the other skin care giants! PS. I have been religious in wearing sun block on my face while using these products Amy

Harrodsburg, KY


Avon is Amazing... don't look past this option when shopping


Finishing off my first bottle of this ... positive noticeable differences from pictures taken in the summer to the latest in front of the Christmas tree.    I specifically bought it to work on the " ( )"  around my nose and mouth.  It is making a difference and it is not as painful as the filler injections I once tried.  This is a better option and more realistic price than what you find in a department store.   I have paired this with the anew eye lift duo gel/ and cream.  I think the products are great and I am happy to support the Avon system by ordering through a friend/representative.  I like that I can order it and it shows up at my door and I am saved the sales pitches from the pushy sales clerks in the mall stores.  You get what you need when you need it and you can order it without ever leaving home.  The products have been a blessing in this budge conscience time right now and we can all use a little 'lift'

Sugar Land, TX


Excellent Product - Its does exactly what its supposed to!


I have used Avon products for many years, and have liked most of them, but I LOVE the Avon Clinical Derma-Full Facical Filing Cream.  I am 49 years old and have started showing my age in the form of fine lines and creases, especially around my eyes, mouth, and forhead.  I bought this cream and use it every night after washing my face.  After just the first week I could tell a huge difference in appearance of fine lines as well as the overall texture of my skin.  I have also had bouts of breaking out with other products but have not had this happen with this product.  There is also a Derma-Full x3 product that is three times stronger than the one I am using, but the cream works for me, and it is less expensive.  Avon always has sales, and I only buy it when its on sale.  It is best to wait for at least 5 or 10 minutes after washing your face to use the product, to reduce the chance of irriation.  Highly recommended.

Winston Salem, NC


Facial Filling Serum didn't do as advertised, very sticky


I was very excited upon receiving my bottle of Avon's ANEW derma-full facial filling serum because of all the hype and advertising about this new product. How often do you get a chance at an injectable grade filler for this price and as a DIY? I'm at that age where a few fine lines are turning into deeper folds and I was hoping this would be an answer to my problem. I used my serum as directed by applying it in the evening after my daily cleansing. After just the first application I didn't like the sticky feel of the serum on my face but I continued to use it in hopes that it would do as advertised. Sadly, I never did see any change in my wrinkles or deep folds and I finally gave up on this product. The other problem for me was that after a few days I couldn't keep my skin from getting overly oily during the day and in the mornings my skin looked like an oil slick...eeeew! I certainly won't purchase this product again.

Fredericksburg, PA


first time I used derma-fullx3 facial filling serum I loved it


I am currently using a product from Avon that I just love, it called derma-full X3 facial filling serum.  This product has proven results on the deep peneratrating lines some of us get after the age of 50 and it fills them out. I saw results after seven days and I continue to use this product even though it has shown me that it works.  I have continued to use this product for approximately twenty two days and even my close friends and family members have noticed that my skin appears firmer and fuller. I would recommend this product to anyone who has deep peneratrating age lines in their face and want to look youthful and fun loving. It fair expensive but it is worth it's weight in gold.  

Bronx, NY


Anew climical derma-full x3. is excellant and top rated


Anew clinical derma-full x3. is an excellant product from Avon, it is a facial filing serum that really works. I am a 52 year old women and I have been using it for a littlle over a month I love it. the lines around my eyes and mouth are hardly visable and my skin looks and fills so much better i am amazed at how quickly it worked and a lot cheaper then going to the dermatologist. All the Anew products from Avon are wonderful but the Anew Clinical Derma-full x3 facial filling serum is my favorite.

Gilbert, AZ


Avon Anew Derma-Full X3 facial filling at home and for all ages


The Avon derm-full X3 filling serum is just wonderful.  It is an injectable-grade facial filler  without the injections.  The Derm-Fill is an "at home option" for filling in those unwanted lines. It is for all age groups.  I use it every morning before I put my make-up on.  It makes my face feel so soft.  I always get compliments about how young I look and how healthly my skin looks.  Avon Anew Facial Filling Serum is a bit pricey, but well worth the price.  It comes in a bottle of 1 fl. oz. but it last forever... you just need a small amount for each use. 

Waynesburg, PA


Avon derma full is price reasonable get great results


Avon Derma Full is priced right and I got great results.  I had deep smile  lines around my mouth kinda reminded me. I been using the produce for only two weeks and I see results already.  I would recommend it to friends and family.

San Diego, CA




I have tried this product and it works wonderful!!! You can feel it working when you put it on at night.  I use it under my night cream and my face feel so smooth in the morning when i get up.  I think its worth the money but i will be looking for it to go on sale :)

Seymour, TN


Avon Anew Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum

4.4 9